SHAREit showcases window of opportunity for marketers in MENA this Ramadan

Online entertainment continues to scale greater heights and the recent insights shared by SHAREit sheds lights on how regional marketers can achieve business success during the Holy Month.

SHAREit, the global gaming, file sharing, and content streaming application, has released an insightful guide highlighting why Ramadan is the perfect time for marketers to connect with their customers through the world of online entertainment. Essential Guide for a Mobile Ramadan 2021 in MENA brings the latest consumer insights, statistics, and fresh perspective together, showcasing the significance of the holy month of Ramadan and why businesses should push for various marketing objectives like launching products, accelerating sales, enhancing brand reputation, or sparking engagement with customers new and old to capitalize on this huge business opportunity.

Karam Malhotra, partner and global vice-president, SHAREit said: “As we adapt to the new normal, today’s Ramadan observer is empowered by mobile to stay connected, shop, share religious content, entertainment and so on. As such, marketers can identify customer motives, understand the reasoning behind them, and plan their campaigns to meet customer expectations and subsequently ensure maximum returns on investment (ROI) with support from a trusted advertising partner.”

As per the guide, digital users in the MENA region spent over 50 per cent of their time consuming online entertainment via apps during Ramadan 2020. There was also twice the number of entertainment app downloads as users looked for more ways to enjoy digital content throughout the Holy Month last year. Grocery and food delivery apps witnessed peak usage, with the latter experiencing a surprising upward trajectory as many sought breakfast meals from their favourite restaurants at home. Furthermore, all MENA region countries spend over four hours using mobile internet daily, 82 per cent of Ramadan shoppers primarily use their smartphones for online shopping, 62 per cent of respondents said they would spend more time on their smartphones this Ramadan, and 56 per cent insisted that they will spend more time playing mobile games. As such, this special period presents marketers with a unique opportunity to not just build their businesses or engage their customer base, but also to develop an emotional connection with your consumers.

“These statistics reaffirm that Ramadan is one of the annual calendar’s biggest and most popular shopping events. Although the ongoing pandemic remains a pressing issue, online markets are certain to continue growing due to the power of digital,” added Karam Malhotra “For regional businesses, it is important for them to identify just how lucrative this particular season can be. It’s universally known that Ramadan takes place over a whole month, yet preparations for consumers begin weeks before and the festivities continue for days and even weeks following its conclusion. Therefore, marketers should target consumers with the right products at the right time to develop their profiles and boost their popularity.”

SHAREit’s guide shed light on what matters most to consumers pre, during, and post-Ramadan, enabling marketers to base their business decisions on consumer trends and ensure all concerned parties benefit in due course. In the weeks prior, four of the most active segments are grocery and delivery, content consumption, decoration, and fashion, while mobile gaming, digital entertainment, food delivery, gifting, and consumer care and fashion are universally popular throughout Ramadan itself. Additionally, food, travel, and leisure are widely considered as most important to consumers post-Ramadan and during Eid. Given the competitive nature of this eventful period, it becomes imperative for brands to understand their audience, reach out and entice them, and ultimately influence them – something accomplishable with support from a capable and reputable advertising partner.

“Reach, relevance, precision, and trust are essential qualities for every advertising partner. At SHAREit, we firmly believe in these same principles, which guide us as we apply our core competencies, present propositions, and deliver different high-impact advertising solutions that support brands with lead generation, online sales, brand awareness, promotions, engagement, app installs, and much more,” said Karam Malhotra.

Malhotra continued: “This winning combination is the formula behind our sustained success here at SHAREit, ensuring we eclipse industry benchmarks and deliver hypergrowth for the brands we work alongside. From increasing conversions to ensuring marketers can better understand consumer journeys, creating audience segments to executing engagement strategies, we can and will deliver substantial growth for every brand we work alongside this Ramadan season.”

As an essential application for consumers and communities that observe Ramadan, SHAREit has a distinguished record in catering to client expectations and providing its users with an all-in-one vernacular content platform. Across the MENA region, one-third of people use SHAREit, translating to a monthly active user base of 72 million. At the same time, SHAREit is the fastest growing media publisher in the Middle East and one of the top 10 most downloaded apps worldwide on Google Play. From a local or regional brand standpoint, these facts not only highlight the influence and impact of SHAREit, but also indicate the potential that businesses can realize this Ramadan with support from SHAREit in an advertising partnership capacity.

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