SHAREit meets new milestones in the period of sustained success and overcomes challenges in 2020

The digital content discovery platform was recognized as the fastest growing media publisher globally, broke monthly active user records, and overcame pandemic-related difficulties.

SHAREit, the global gaming, file sharing and content streaming application, has entered the new year with sizeable momentum following a series of notable achievements in 2020. Despite the turbulent social and business climates due to the ongoing pandemic, SHAREit surpassed several milestones last year, overcoming various challenges along the way. The platform is now well-positioned to enjoy sustained success over the coming 12 months and beyond, driven by its vision to eliminate digital content limitation, meet user requirements, and make an impact in emerging markets.

In 2020, SHAREit was recognized as the world’s fastest-growing media publisher – ranking number one in the H1 2020 AppsFlyer Performance Index. The platform surpassed 500 million monthly active users (MAU) globally, 70 million in the Middle East, and recorded a growth rate of 160 per cent in-app installs between January and June – claiming the top spot in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. A local team was also established for client servicing purposes across the region and a new office opened in Dubai, while expansion into Turkey, Israel, and Europe was successful in each market.

“At SHAREit, everybody is proud of the success we experienced in 2020, especially considering the challenges and unprecedented difficulties we faced,” said Karam Malhotra, partner and global vice-president, SHAREit. “Because the pandemic quickly shaped a new normal for living, every brand needed to evolve and remain relevant as consumer behaviors and lifestyles changed. Content consumption increased dramatically, and reshaping our marketing strategy and aligning with new trends was key to these achievements. As we continue our global expansion this year, we are confident and optimistic about overcoming upcoming challenges following our recent history.”

During lockdowns and movement restriction periods, time spent playing games and watching content rose considerably. SHAREit offered a host of online games on its platform, as well as various branding and performance-based advertising solutions. These proved to be efficient and effective, enabling SHAREit to reach out to users, attract new audiences, drive sales for other brands, and overcome barriers to success. The platform witnessed growth in advertisers – primarily in the F&B, shopping, video, e-commerce, gaming, and fintech segments – and transformed its operations to manage and maintain stable partnership with its clients.

At the same time, SHAREit’s 2020 successes are attributed to the platform being a one-stop content platform for all entertainment needs, such as gaming and sharing with family and friends. It works seamlessly online and offline, providing marketers with a significant incremental audience. SHAREit also showcased its capabilities as one of the first ecosystems to partner with Google Play, verifying, authenticating, and attributing peer-to-peer (P2P) applications.

“Being recognized as the world’s fastest-growing media publisher and expanding our global team and market presence are the 2020 achievements we are most proud of. However, there are several main reasons behind the growth we experienced,” continued Karam Malhotra. “In addition to personalized recommendation, localized operations, and larger user bases across age groups, our user-centric concept and strong technological prowess were also vital.”

Looking ahead, SHAREit now aims to capitalize on upcoming opportunities. Target audiences, clients, and users understand the products, features, and advantages on offer. Moreover, the platform’s ability to fulfil everybody’s entertainment demands and help clients acquire users through proven, effective advertising solutions is globally recognized. SHAREit has a proven track record of assisting brands in influencing consumers and driving user acquisition at scale – with various solutions for different marketing objectives, such as brand awareness, app promotions, lead generation, and user acquisition, retention, and retargeting.