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Serviceplan Middle East creates an NFT campaign with BMW, the Museum of Sound

As the world looks ahead to a more sustainable future with electric cars replacing engines, BMW Middle East in partnership with their Dubai importer AGMC, record and archive the roar of the BMW M Engines in the ‘Museum of Sound’ NFT Collection. Serviceplan Middle East have conceived an NFT campaign with BMW, creating a ‘Museum of Sound’ featuring recordings of BMW M Engines.

By 2023, BMW will have 25 electrified models on the road. As the future goes electric and engines go quiet, the iconic roar of the BMW M Engines will be missed, so BMW  immortalized them in the ‘Museum of Sound’.

Rigged with high-fidelity microphones to capture every detail. Led by DTM champion Bruno Spengler the sounds were turned into unique NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), minted for the owners and preserved forever.

The Museum of Sound NFT collection is a unique art series that depicts the sound of BMW M engines through the use of a bespoke data-visualizer. The project aims to immortalize the iconic sound of the M combustion engine as we head into an electric future. The recordings for these 19 NFTs were done on location at the Dubai Autodrome Club circuit, in cooperation with various BMW M owners.

Serviceplan Middle East creative director, Andre Couto said: “A BMW M engine sound is something so unique that fans all over the world get goosebumps whenever they hear their roar. Museum of Sound came as an idea to immortalize these sounds and these feelings so the future generations can appreciate these masterpieces as unique NFTs that we gave to the most valuable BMW M fans, the owners.”

Serviceplan Middle East senior art director, Kenneth Barnes added: “It’s awesome to see and hear 19 BMWs on the Dubai Autodrome Club Circuit. The owners followed a pace car driven by DTM Champion Bruno Spengler so that they could match his braking and track lines. Using external mics rigged near the exhaust, engine bay and in the cabin we documented their rev-ups, downshifts, roars and those crackle and pops. We were particular on the timing of the recording session, as the speed of sound is affected by wind, temperature and humidity.

We converted the vehicle’s audio recordings to bend the sound wave into an abstract reactive art giving a unique visual experience and these were preserved as a 1 of 1 ethically-created NFTs. By making important logistical decisions such as using an environmentally friendly blockchain called Polygon, we were able to remind ourselves why we created the Museum of Sound to begin with: we are moving towards a more sustainable world – regardless if that is through electric vehicles, or improved blockchain technology. These NFTs were used to unlock exclusive events to reveal concept cars and experiences.”

The Museum of Sound marks BMW‘s entry into the NFT world with 19 adrenaline-filled audio/visual artworks that immortalize the sounds of the BMW M engine as we move towards an electric future.

Click here to discover them here: https://opensea.io/collection/bmw-museum-of-sound