Science + Storytelling = Results : Liwa’s efficacy formula for COVID-19 communication

The pandemic, being an unprecedented situation, has presented marketers with an equally unique communication opportunity. And Liwa, the Dubai-based content creating agency, has mastered this niche in the craft.

“We realize that content creation during these times is challenging,” says Sagar Rege, Director, Liwa. “It needs the lens of empathy, and a vision beyond the balance sheet.” It’s the kind of sensitivity that’s being used in a series of videos created for COVID-19 marketing.

Sagar, who’s a qualified film director by profession, supervises the production of all content. He, along with Vijay Kumar, Executive Creative Director at Liwa, conceptualized a video for Smart Dubai that urged viewers to download the Dubai Now app and stay contactless. “We used a tongue-in-cheek approach to make light of the serious mood prevailing all around,” chuckles Vijay. The video not only clocked a million plus views, it also prompted thousands of app downloads and usage of its services.

But it’s not storytelling for its own sake – stories are always rooted in strategy. “We call it the science of storytelling,” according to Rohit Arora, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Liwa. “While stories are fun and engaging, the science behind it resonates with audiences and gets us results.”

Well, if the number of COVID-19 videos are anything to go by, Liwa seems to have struck on a formula that works. A funny take on ‘stay home, stay safe’ for Emirates NBD. A COVID-19 preparedness video for Beema, the innovative insurance arm of ENOC, for their branch opening. An Eid greeting video with a difference for Rotana. Yet another video for Smart Dubai. A COVID-19 readiness video for the distribution major Al Seer, meant for their principals around the world. The list goes on…

“It’s all about helping clients respond to realities and solving marketing problems for them,” concludes Sagar. “And that’s what keeps Liwa relevant at all times.”

More Liwa’s videos for COVID-19 can be viewed below: