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Five campaigns I wish I’d made, and one I did – by Beatrice Cornacchia                                     

Mastercard's SVP of marketing and communications selects her ads on the theme of 'Creating emotional resonance'

By Beatrice Cornacchia, SVP Marketing and Communications MEA, Mastercard

We live in a time where consumers know what they want and are driven by a set of unique values, which determine which brands they interact with. We’ve seen consumer behaviors change exponentially – they know what they like and want – and look for brands with similar values which they can connect with. For that reason, Brands need to be more dynamic and engaging than ever before. They also need to be more sensitive to what consumers are looking for by establishing personal connections to resonate with consumers on an emotional level.

In my years at Mastercard, I’ve seen the concept of connecting with consumers evolve but one think that has remained the same since 1997 is our brand positioning of “Connecting People to Priceless Possibilities” built on the idea that the consumer should be at the center of all communications by tapping into their passions.

Over the years Mastercard brought consumers closer to their passions, and we are constantly adapting our approach to do this in relevant and meaningful ways.  We will continue to evolve as a brand and develop our approach with the consumers at the heart of everything we do and bring value to cardholders.

For this reason, my theme for this piece is: Creating emotional resonance.

Here are five of my personal favorite campaign from brands that I believe were truly able to connect with consumers on an emotional level and one that the Mastercard team worked on.

Always “run like a girl”

Year: 2014

Agency: Leo Burnett

A campaign that needs no introduction, in my opinion this campaign really resonated with all women – whether young or old by tapping into a life moment we’ve all been through. In this battle to keep girls’ confidence high during puberty and beyond this campaign changed perceptions of what #LikeAGirl means and showed everyone that doing things #LikeAGirl is an awesome thing.


Dove “real beauty sketches”

Year: 2013

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

We’re so bombarded by unattainable standards of beauty – in magazines, TV, advertisements, on social media – that we undervalue the true beauty in ourselves. Women specifically tend to be their own worst critic. With this campaign, I believe Dove really connected with consumers on an emotional level bringing them a step closer to living happier, more confident lives.


Nike “find your greatness “ 

Year: 2012

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

It is not just the championship athlete or record breaker that aspires to push their limits. It is also the everyday athlete who strives to excel on their own terms, to set and realize personal goals and achieve their own defining moment of greatness.  That’s the insight behind Nike’s “Find Your Greatness” campaign, a powerful message to inspire anyone who wants to achieve their own moment of greatness in sport. Another powerful message which I believe resonated with people on an emotional level.


P&G “thank you mom”

Year: Since 2010

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

P&G’s “Thank you, mom’’ campaign, which has been ongoing since 2010, presents us with deeply emotional and relatable ads, celebrating the world’ s purest kind of love: A mother’s love for her child.


Coca-Cola Sunset Ramadan 2018

Year: 2019

Agency: FP7/McCann

A culturally relevant campaign which has touched me is the Coca-Cola Ramadan 2018 campaign, Sunset.  Ramadan, a month in the Muslim world when people fast from pre-dawn to sunset, is a month of unity and togetherness; when Muslims are meant to be kind to each other and be more humane to each other. It is when people from different walks of life are meant to get along and get together. So, through this ad, in Ramadan, Coca-Cola is inspiring people to see each other, both Muslims and non-Muslims in a different light.


And one I did…

Mastercard Astronomical Sales

Year: 2019

Agency: FP7

I believe that our Astronomical Sales campaign really helped us connect with our consumers on a deeper level by offering our cardholders access to such a priceless experience.

We leveraged a unique solar eclipse and won the attention of shoppers across the Middle East. During this rare eclipse, 97% of the sun would disappear, so Mastercard teamed up with one of the region’s biggest online retailers, noon.com, to give Mastercard holders up to 97% off a range of products in this exciting promotion, entitled Astronomical Sales. When the eclipse started, so did the sale. And as the sun diminished, so did the prices, reaching discounts of 97%, and returning gradually to full price. Additionally, to those who purchased at the exact moment the eclipse formed the Mastercard logo, priceless prizes were awarded.

The campaign was recognized with a series of awards at the New York Festivals® Advertising Awards, including being named 2020 Global Brand of the Year Award for its fearless commitment to creativity and innovation.