Saudi agency rebrands with a fresh look


Hunak’s new logo

Saudi-based creative advertising agency Hunak has rebranded its identity.

As part of its rebrand, the agency has adopted a new slogan, “Do not go there alone…we will come with you.”

The rebrand also saw the agency switch up its one of the core elements of its visual identity, its logo.

The agency’s new look adopts a more playful and free-flowing look for its logo. The logo features the agency’s name written in both Arabic and English.

In the refreshed logo the agency uses new fonts in the text – giving it a more fresh feel across both languages.

It also swapped the key colour of its logo. The new logo uses a more vibrant purple in place of the deep blue in its logo.

The old logo

The new concept of the rebrand aims to emphasize on Hunak’s commitment to provide support across a variety of creative services including branding, creative ad campaigns and creative strategy services.

CEO Hisham Jabra revealed that the strategic goal of Hunak is to become one of the leading creative advertising agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The creative agency’s Managing Director Ahmed Ghazi noted that Hunak has the unique competitive advantage missing in the advertising sector which long term and sustainable communication and engagement.