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Roche Diagnostic’s ‘Jasady’ puts women’s health in the spotlight

 Culturally, the average woman in the Middle East takes on the role of a caregiver regardless of what stage of life she’s in. Women may frequently prioritise their families’ health over their own, due to their various roles and responsibilities. Compounded by the lack of a reliable source of information about women’s health, inadequate health education provided by our school systems, and a reticence to discuss women health related issues openly, the time has come to make women’s health a priority.

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The COVID 19 pandemic,  while hugely challenging,  heightened the knowledge and appreciation for effective diagnostic testing.

Roche Diagnostics’ new campaign in the Middle East, Jasady – which translates to “my body” in Arabic, demonstrates how easy it is to dismiss signals from the body and serves as a gentle reminder to women – and men alike – to listen to their bodies, when it’s clearly trying to tell us something.

The campaign is just the beginning of a series of engaging, relatable and focused content aimed at encouraging women to pay more attention to their health. Roche Diagnostics Middle East’s campaign is to and from the Middle East representing the diversity of the region in front and behind the camera.

The video starts with an active vibrant woman, who begins her day early with a jog and then proceeds to go to work where she handles various responsibilities. She heads home after work and continues to take care of responsibilities at home. She is shown cooking whilst also managing office work when she starts feeling light-headed and her vision blurs. She takes a moment to sit down but the moment of rest doesn’t last very long as she is seen getting disturbed with the phone buzz as well as from her kitchen. She jumps back to multi-tasking, finishing up her tasks. Soon after, she is seen greeting her children with a smile on her face as they come back home from school. In the end, the video aims to showcase how women delay attending medical checkups due to overwhelming life responsibilities and encourage them to regularly get themselves checked.

Zena Risheg, corporate communications and digital manager EMEA, Roche Diagnostics Middle East FZCO said, “The overwhelming responsibilities that women take on in their lives is nothing short of heroic. The average woman in the Arab world has no trouble in going to the doctor’s office for a check up; but it’s most likely for a loved one, rather than for herself. When women de-prioritise themselves, they risk reaching a point where they are no longer attuned to their body, often ignoring worsening symptoms, delaying that inevitable trip to the doctor.

Roche Diagnostics was a reliable, innovative partner in diagnostic testing throughout the pandemic. We want to encourage everyone, primarily women, to be continually mindful of their own health and take proactive steps if something feels wrong.

Every woman should play an active and informed role in making decisions about their health. Making sure all women have adequate knowledge, access to the best diagnostic tools and treatments is the first step in achieving this. Jasady is a long-term commitment and ongoing initiative to improve and empower women’s health in the region in order to achieve better health outcomes for all.”


Director: Pascale Kashouh
DOP: Ed Yazbeck0
Production: Montage TV Production
Creative design: Zena Risheg