Ready or not, the big shift is happening

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by Pawan Kulkarni, Dubai World Trade Centre.

Will animated movies rise in popularity over live action ones?

Is the social media boycott simply a new trend or will it truly stir brands into action?

Are we expecting polarized ad campaigns in a US election year?

Let’s just say, it’s a probable yes to all.

Year-on-year advertising revenue in China is down by 15%, while Europe witnessed an average 9% reduction in revenue – as per the new Q1 Data from Publicis, shared by World Economic Forum. Alarming stats for an industry that is struggling to keep pace with shifting consumer behaviour and choices, and the almost day-to-day evolution of digital channels.

That said – the brands that are truly winning consumer confidence are the ones that have been ahead in the digital and content-driven game.

With a 4% increase in the first half of 2020 as compared to 2019, digital global spend stands at $25 billion as of June 2020. So what does this really show us?

Yes, brands are adapting their strategy to capitalize on the spending power of millennials through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Bigo, Metacafe and Twitter. But more importantly – they are willing to participate in the everyday conversations, debates and often polarising views taking place among digital audiences globally.

Apart from the conversations, the brands offering empowering tech experiences such as web-based video editing software, better security via multiple authentication services, sign-on services integration and enterprise host software services are having a ball with record revenues.

On the entertainment front, animators and special effects teams have been the busiest as compared to their live action counterparts. Generally busy only during post production, now, they have become the content creators; crafting entire movies in the confines of their homes.

Just one look at the line-up of the movies in development currently says it all – SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, Paw Patrol: The Movie, Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon and The Boss Baby 2. With the animation sector powering ahead like never before, Martech is turning to these creative geniuses to turn out greatly inspiring marketing content.

There are other pivotal conversations and brand shifts happening alongside.

Business environment is in a fragile state, global job markets crashing and the US elections is bringing a storm of social issues to the forefront. Pushing many brands to move away from plugging product-stories to rather taking a stand on the larger concerns at hand. Be it the Black Lives Matter movement, climate change pressure-points or US polarization trickling down on the rest of the world.

Bravery, diversity and inclusivity are the top attributes that define a brand today. Consumers are starting to see through the false promises and overly exaggerated advertisements painting a picture-perfect state of the world. The art of storytelling is meaningful only if backed by a point of view and strong action on the ground.

Look at the recent examples: Unilever putting emissions data on 70,000 products, IKEA’s decision to use 100% recycled wood by end of 2020 from the current 91% or Adidas’ Run for Oceans global campaign that turned plastic bottles into 11 million pairs of shoes.

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