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Rani Float taps into the universal language of rap

Rani and MullenLowe MENA collaborate to tap into the  universal language of rap and tying it together with Rani.

Since its inception 40 years ago, Rani has always distinguished itself in the market as a brand and a product. The product’s main attribute is the floats, a unique feature that allowed Rani to offer a unit consumption experience for its consumers as the only juice in the market that delivers on the ‘eat your drink’ promise.

In 2021, they decided to create a song with Saudi artist Molham. One that reinforces the brand’s promise while highlighting the unique features of the product to emotionally connect with target audiences on the multi-tasking and multi-functioning they constantly do in their everyday life.

They achieved this through utilizing the universal language of music as a medium that crosses barriers and unites us all.

The chosen format received tremendous positive feedback from audiences and high engagement levels. The tune that MullenLowe MENA created reached 16 million views on YouTube.

With Rani being a regional brand, this year, they decided to elevate the song and create a different twist as a regional adaptation that would relate to wider MENA region audiences. Using Molham’s song as a milestone for success, they developed a new song featuring Molham along with three different artists: Ahmed Basyouni from Egypt, Ali Najm from Iraq, and MouhMilano from Algeria. All rapping one tune, with the same melody, each in their own style and delivering the message in their own respective dialects. The visuals used for each country represented their musical instruments with melodies that sought to capture the spirit of each one.

Since launching the song in July 2022, Rani had already reached close to 13 million views on YouTube.


Client: Rani

Creative: Mullenlowe

Creative directors: Karim Zein, Michael Tadrous

Arabic copywriter: Seham Mostafa

Illustration: Sandra Moneer

Account managers: Amina El Ashry, Omar Ariss

Senior brand manager: Hassan Abdel Raouf

Marketing manager: Basma Youssef

General manager: Avinash Ratta