Nabil Moutran and Dan Moore launch digital gaming marketplace

Division Launch

Nabil Moutran and Dan Moore have launched a digital marketplace called Division where gamers and brands can collaborate.

Division is a UAE based digital marketplace, created to enable engagement between online gamers and brands.  It’s core purpose is to ensure that both brands and gamers are given the opportunity to engage one another in a transparent and efficient way.

“With the ever-growing popularity of online gaming, brands have been vying for opportunities to communicate with an increasingly more influential audience base across the region.  They have been looking for the right formula to engage with the diverse online community through the myriad of platforms they spend time on,” said Division in a statement. “Furthermore, gamers are keen to engage with brands to help spread their message to a fully engaged following.   Currently there are an estimated 80 million gamers in the region, reaching over 100 million viewers on social platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Of those viewers, 60 per cent are between the ages of 18 and 34.   But it’s not just the reach, but the trust and relevance that comes with that.  The trust that audiences have placed in gaming influencers is on average 10% higher than influencers across other sectors in the region.”

The  platform is designed to ensure that all gamers can monetise their following through engaging and authentic content. Division is also structured to ensure that brands can engage with this diverse audience at various levels and scales.

“Advertisers are quickly adjusting their marketing plans and budgets to align to the shift in audience attention.  Spend on live stream gaming has increased by approximately 20 per cent year on year, which is part of approximately $900m revenue industry across e-sports advertising and sponsorship globally.  This data is reflected in the region with approximately 5 per cent of all marketing budget being allocated to the sector and accelerated growth expected in the coming years,”

“We identified a huge void in the e-sports market.  How do brands engage with gamers in a structured and sustainable way? The number of gamers that have influence, whether micro or macro, is increasing exponentially which creates a complex landscape for brands.  Marketeers today are sure they need to be speaking to this audience, but most of them are not entirely sure where to begin, and most don’t have the opportunity to sponsor games or the biggest gamers themselves.  The clients we have spoken to already are excited and have clearly indicated that this is solving for a blind spot they have been struggling with for some time,” said Nabil Moutran, Founder and CEO of Division.

“Our core purpose is to give both sides of the equation a simple, user-friendly and efficient platform to communicate and engage.  The ideal scenario for us is that gamers of all levels can partner with brands and organizations, and that the brands are clear on what they are getting in return.  We already have over 250 gamers on the platform ready and waiting to collaborate on campaigns.” added Dan Moore, Managing Partner of Division.