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Rain creates film for Pattex

Pattex wanted to create a master film to announce the launch of their super glue and construction adhesives in the region. While there is a global communication platform of ‘Dare to Do’ which addresses DIYers, this region does not have a strong DIY culture. Rain recommended that instead of looking at ‘Dare to Do’ only from the lens of physical creation, Pattex should create emotional resonance around it. In Arab culture there is a phrase – whatever is broken can be fixed – typically used in the context of relationships or break down in communication. Rain interpreted the global communication platform differently: DIY also is an act of love to create or mend or repair something that is important to a loved one. In turn, it not only fixes relationships but also strengthens relationships and builds bonds that last a lifetime.


Creative Agency: Rain Creative

Production House: Nudge Media

Director: Nizar Sfair