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Publicis Dubai creates ‘Invisible Salary Gap’ campaign

“Some salary gaps seem to be more visible than others, there is literally an elephant in the closet that we need to make visible”

That’s how Louis-Georges TIN, the Prime Minister of the State of African Diaspora and Honorary President of Le CRAN (Black Associations Representative Council) briefed Publicis Dubai with the mission to raise awareness on the Ethnic Pay Gap.

What is the Ethnic Pay Gap? It’s a global issue showing that non-whites employees earn less than their white counterparts. For instance, the average racial salary gap in France is 26.25%, 23% in the UK, 25% in the USA, 21% in South Africa and so on.

So, the agency followed this strategy: firstly, we need to raise awareness in order to alert public opinion and journalists, ultimately putting pressure on governments to act and negotiate laws on the Ethnic Pay Gap. Publicis Dubai kickstarted the awareness campaign by creating a Twitter page that mimicked the primary issue of the pay gap itself: invisibility.

By personifying the Ethnic Pay Gap on Twitter, we are encouraging people to engage with the @lonelypaygap in order to make it visible. That way, the more the followers, the more visible the ethnic pay gap would be.

Now, we need the indispensable support of journalists and celebrities to make this matter a public cause. Because if we don’t help this issue be largely seen, we won’t be able to solve it.

So, we need your support: follow the page @lonelypaygap, and help us give a voice to the Ethnic Pay Gap by sharing it, spreading it and talking about it.

Recently, Louis-Georges Tin in partnership with the State of African Diaspora and Le CRAN convinced Emmanuel Macron to restitute stolen African treasures exposed in French museums back to Benin. And more restitution to more African countries are to come soon.

So, we are optimistic and reasonably expecting the Ethnic Pay Gap campaign to follow the same path: creating a change, for good.

Credits :

Agency: Publicis Middle East / Dubai

Executive Creative Director: Rafael Augusto

Creative Director: Mohamed Bareche

Copywriter: Kyra Mathews

Art Director : Warsha Jamnadas

Client: Le Cran & State Of African Diaspora

Prime minister: Louis-Georges Tin