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For their 25th anniversary, Home Centre celebrates your ‘Home. Your Home Centre’

Home Centre celebrates its 25th anniversary with Your Home. Your Home Centre.

25 years, 68 stores, delivering to 1,950 homes daily … 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of Home Centre, a retailer of furniture and home furnishings in the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian sub-continent.

To celebrate this significant milestone, Home Centre has launched an evocative and emotional campaign titled ‘Your Home. Your Home Centre’ that celebrates the lives of their customers who have been a vital part of the brand’s journey in turning houses into HOMES.

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The proverb ‘Home is where the heart is’, is succinct and expressive. It captures Home Centre’s approach to put in perspective 25 years of their existence. In these 25 years, Home Centre feels fortunate to have been welcomed into people’s homes – to be a part of their lives and their unique stories.

Every home is different, every home has its own memories and its own stories. Home Centre really wanted to understand ‘What does home mean to every individual?’. To make this exciting, Home Centre is running a consumer engagement activation where customers stand a chance to win one of 25 room makeovers worth AED 10,000 each. All they need to do is share what a ‘home’ means to them.

The past two years have brought about testing times in the lives of people. A home then assumed greater significance – serving as a place of safety, comfort, study, and work, a place to protect ourselves, and our loved ones, from the uncertainty present outside. And while home has always been an expression of the people who live in it,

It has in recent times, become the stage for many a unique story.

Sameer Jain, CEO, Home Centre, said: “We turn 25 in 2021, a landmark year for us and, in retrospect, there is much to be grateful for,” he commented. “Especially a home, in times that have tested the human spirit and resilience. The significance of a home is exemplified by the energy of the people who live in it, and this has been heightened many times over in the present. There is, therefore, no one more important than our customer who has so generously allowed us to be a part of their personal space. This is a privilege. They are the engines of our driving force, and we are grateful for being a part of this personal journey.”

“With 25 years we are celebrating a silver anniversary, but our aim is set on gold. How do we do that? By examining our roadmap to identify new milestones and achievements, but always having you as our navigators, to work diligently and to listen in our quest to provide innovative and quality products in order to uplift our standards and your homes. Every landmark actually gives us valuable insights into understanding and serving you to the best possible standards.”

Home Centre’s 25th-anniversary film ‘Your Home. Your Home Centre’ along with other digital activations encapsulates the core of this messaging. It touches upon the human impact that they offer as a business. The human element is also highlighted in the special collection and catalogue that showcases fabulous inspirations for every room with one-of-a-kind finds as well as all iconic collections from the past that all homes will love.

Additionally, with the 25 years, campaign consumers can enjoy value-added offers with products available at affordable and unbeatable prices. To celebrate its customers, Home Centre has also launched a limited exclusive and designer collection that will give customers the chance to choose the very best in home interior and design.

All the collections are available across stores in MENA and at www.homecentre.com. View the product catalogue here.

Click on www.homecentre.com/celebrate and submit your home story to stand a chance to win one of 25 room makeovers worth AED 10,000 each