Pixis.ai and Channel Factory announce partnership to maximise ROI

Pixis.ai will integrate its codeless AI technology throughout the existing Channel Factory AI

Pixis.ai and Channel Factory have announced their partnership that will allow advertisers to maximise ROI with smaller budgets.

The partnership enhances Channel Factory’s existing AI technology with Pixis.ai’s  AI capabilities to resolve  needs of marketers, increasing operational speed, accuracy and quality and decreasing time to market, resource requirements and costs.

Pixis.ai will integrate its codeless AI technology throughout the existing Channel Factory AI and tech stack to support contextual AI and targeting.

Marwan Kai, CEO Of MIS Gulf

Marwan Kai, CEO Of MIS Gulf adds:  “Over the last three years, Channel Factory has established itself to be the most credible, and most effective solution for brands and agencies when it comes to Video and Social solution.

“The integration of Pixis AI will only enhance the current offering and will deliver faster and more efficient campaign results to our partners as well as open further doors for Brands looking to take advantage of the latest technology to target and engage with their audiences.”

Pixis.ai’s technology has been trained to optimise Channel Factory’s AI and human-powered awareness campaigns, but also to increase efficiency and accuracy of content alignment.

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It will also enhance Channel Factory’s content categorisation and alignment processes, reducing human input time whilst maximising accuracy.

The solution will support advertisers with delivering increased performance through industry leading brand suitability and targeting, as well as performance optimisation delivered via AI automation leading to  efficiency and effectiveness.

The combination will allow 18,000 optimisations per campaign, compared to 50 manual optimisations.

Neel Pandya, CEO (EMEA & APAC) at Pixis

Neel Pandya, CEO (EMEA & APAC) at Pixis said: “This partnership will bring in a quantum leap in effectiveness and efficiency at both ends.

“And I am quite thrilled for Pixis is all set to second Channel Factory with its cutting-edge AI tech for fostering campaign optimisations at scale.”

Tony Chen, CEO of Channel Factory

Tony Chen, CEO of Channel Factory, said: “In an era marked by advertisers’ increasing need to streamlining media buying processes and enhance campaign performance, this collaboration places Pixis.ai and Channel Factory as the leading platform.”