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OSN Ramps up its Ramadan schedule for Kuwaiti audiences

Broadcaster forecasts 45 per cent surge in OSN viewing in the Middle East region

The region’s leading entertainment hub OSN is ramping up its Ramadan programming with premium, localised series selected exclusively for Kuwaiti viewers, which include Arabic dramas Al Namous (pictured), Al Rouh Wa Al Rayya and Bait Al Thull.

 Following an extensive analysis of content trends and viewership patterns across the Middle East region, OSN aims to further cement its positioning as a one-stop entertainment platform, providing discerning audiences in Kuwait with content which appeals to a wide range of preferences and age groups.

Building on data and research, including studies conducted last year, the network highlighted the Kuwaiti dialect and relevant social issues as top criteria for the handpicked offering, spotlighting Gulf dramas which are set to take centre stage during Ramadan.

“Last year, audiences in Kuwait spent an average of 84 hours consuming content in Ramadan on the OSN Home proposition in addition to 16 hours on our Streaming Platform. This year, we are expecting this number to rise by 45% across all our platforms,” said Rolla Karam, Interim Chief Content Officer at OSN. “The connected household in Kuwait spends an average of 1080 hours a year, equivalent to 45 days, consuming content through OSN.”

“What many may not be aware of, is that 42% of our users have been with us for six to 10 years, which means that more than 65% of consumers have been with OSN for at least five years,” said OSN Chief Commercial Officer Hani ElKukhun. “These percentages are solid indicators of our consistency in fulfilling the needs of audiences across the Arab world and testament to our commitment to continue to be the leading entertainment hub by increasing our investment in Arabic contentElKukhun added.

Changing viewing behaviour during the last year has accelerated the growth of OSN Home services in addition to streaming, according to an OSN study of media habits. “New patterns have put us on the path towards a recovery to pre-pandemic levels,” explained ElKukhun.

Active Streaming users spent 37% of their time on western series while 19% spend their time on Arabic content before the holy month, we expect these percentages to flip during Ramadan with a huge spike towards Arabic series” Karam added. Focusing on Arabic and dubbed series, which OSN has announced were its best performers – particularly in the OSN Originals category – the network has revealed that 60% of Kuwaitis seek premium entertainment in one place, an option which OSN consistently caters to through its rich, readily available content.

The network has also revealed that OSN’s audience is, by far, among the most loyal in the industry, with a percentage of consumers which have been following the broadcaster since the days of Orbit Pay TV and Showtime Arabia.

Promising more exceptional content during Ramadan, set to premiere on OSN is Al Namous – a series that takes place in Kuwait during the 40s and 70s, and tells the suspenseful story of a businessman who disappears right after his son’s wedding.

Moreover, the premiere of Al Rouh Wa Al Rayya will bring to viewers the story of a mother who, after suffering from an illness, passes away leaving her five children in the care of their eldest daughter who is now forced to take charge of the family along with her emotionally fragile father.

OSN has also released data on top-viewed content in March 2021, with the contemporary Kuwaiti Social Drama Series Rad Eatebar, Turkish drama series Al Tufah Al Haram (The Forbidden Fruit), followed by Al Kha’en (A Woman Scorned), another production from the Middle Eastern country. OSN Original’s Anonymous, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, as well as Disney+ sitcom WandaVision topped the On-Demand and OSN Streaming list.