OOH Industry Snapshot with Hypermedia’s Habib Wehbi

An Interview with Habib Wehbi, Chairman and CEO, Hypermedia.

Habib Wehbi, Chairman and CEO, Hypermedia.

What have the biggest challenges been from the coronavirus pandemic?

The pandemic has enormously affected the economy across many industries. Some companies were forced to shut down, some were barely able to stay afloat, while a few thrived and grew exponentially. OOH media was among the businesses that suffered the most.

With the easing of restrictions, we witnessed an increased demand on OOH, proving the positive impact of outdoor media and its necessity in increasing the brands’ exposure and reach. Today, we continue to see a slow but steady increase in demand for OOH, with high occupancy levels across all our media, but with higher than average discounts.

How is ooh technology evolving?

The shift to smart digital technology is the current trend in the OOH media industry globally. Digital signage combined with smart data solutions is the next OOH revolution. Hypermedia has been working on adapting those trends and implementing this complete transformation across all our projects in malls, the Metro and outdoor. Through digital OOH’s (DOOH’s) flexibility and creativity, clients will now be able to post faster, more relevant, targeted messages – and in specific locations – effectively without any extra cost of production.

The use of smart, measurable data solutions will provide advertisers with an opportunity to communicate to their target group during different times of the day as well. These are just a few examples of how technology will enhance the effectiveness of OOH. As leaders in DOOH, we are in the process of introducing those state-of-the-art digital solutions to deliver higher ROI for our clients.

How are client demands and strategies evolving?

While online is occupying a big chunk of the marketing budgets, considering the current economic challenges, we believe that the demand on OHH media will increase significantly with the evolving of DOOH. There is no substitute for OOH media, as it will remain the most effective and impactful tool to reach the mass audiences of the local community.

What coming advancements in OOH are you most excited about?

We are most excited about reliable data measurement tools for the first time in OOH, combined with the latest digital signage technology, that will certainty reposition OOH effectiveness and launch a new era.

As we are the ‘creators of impact’, we are excited to see the results of our investment that will reposition the effectiveness of OOH (or should I say DOOH?).