Mountain View Egypt creates “Bubble-Free” global movement to encourage human connections featuring Mo Salah

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Is the isolation bubble about to burst? In an ever-evolving world, living in a bubble is practically the same as living under a rock, completely unaware of what’s happening around you, oblivious to the real life outside and disconnected from our friends and family. Our bubbles could be the social platforms that we use to express ourselves, the hobbies taking over our lives or even the work we give all our attention to. For us, these bubbles are comfortable and safe. Unfortunately, they affect our lives negatively by isolating us, turning all of our attention inward, within the walls of our bubble.

In an innovative step towards spreading happiness and shaping communities, the pioneer Egyptian real estate developer Mountain View has launched the “Bubble-Free” global movement. Global insights have shown that people are becoming more isolated in a way that has negatively impacted their lives, and this is why Mountain View launched this movement to encourage people around the world to get out of the bubble and have more human interactions. “Bubble-Free” also reflects Mountain View’s vision in altering how societies interact, engage and live in their ideal residential communities.

While the “Bubble-Free” movement was just launched a few days ago, the truth is Mountain View has been implementing the concept in its 15-mega real estate projects across Egypt for more than two years now. This was inspired by a collaboration with “Delivering Happiness”, the world’s first culture consulting company to implement the ‘Science of Happiness’, which is deeply embedded in Mountain View’s mission. Not only does the company live by the concept in its physical projects, but they also go as far as curating and executing programs throughout their communities to encourage more learning and development through human connection. The programs include several cultural activities to help residents reconnect together with their rich Egyptian culture and give them the opportunity to explore the beauty of Egypt. Additionally, Mountain View launched the “Youth Development Program” that aims to enable young generations aged 8-16 to develop their skills, take responsibility and be self-reliant. Furthermore, the company also collaborated with the American university in Cairo startup incubator (AUC Venture Lab), and AUC Innovation Hub (AUC iHub) to launch “Mountain View Success Program” tailored to develop entrepreneurial skills and provide young founders with the necessary tools and resources to kick off their start-ups.

The “Bubble-Free” movement aims to continue what Mountain View has started in previously launched campaigns that also focused on helping people connect and rediscover the happiness that’s found outside of their bubbles.

In the ad to launch this movement, Mountain View partnered with the iconic Mo Salah who chose to be “Bubble-free”, inspiring more people around the world to join the movement and engage in human connections. The ad received positive reactions on Mountain View’s social media platforms, reaching 31.5 million views already and 256 K engagements only one week after the ad’s reveal.

This global movement puts Mountain View on the international map as a global game changer, which will affect generations to come. In a world where we are more isolated than ever, let us burst out of those bubbles and choose to be “Bubble-free”.