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The MediaVantage and Dar Al Arkan buy out Harrods media

Harrods Buy Out Mediavantage Dar Al Arkan

The MediaVantage and Saudi based real estate developer, Dar Al Arkan buy out Harrods media assets and digital screens.

The real estate developer conducted a buy-out of all the digital screens and media assets inside the prestigious Harrods department store in Knightsbridge, London in order to appeal to the ultra-wealthy customers from the UK, Middle East, Russia, India and China during the peak summer period.

The  Harrods buy-out was comprised of over 70 state-of-the-art digital screens in-store, ranging from larger-than-life digital screens to panoramic video walls strategically placed around the store to reach the desired target audience. The work even included a presence on the iconic roadside external screens at Harrods which drew attention to those outside the store as well as inside. The creative focused on the unique proposition of having interiors and design from Italian fashion house Missoni, as well as the world’s first contribution to interior design and furnishing by Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani.

Dar Al Arkan used a combination of the sheer size and high volume of the Harrods media screens along with their stunning creatives to create a showstopper in the heart of London’s wealthiest district.


Client: Dar Al Arkan
Creative: In-house
Agency: The MediaVantage
Media: Harrods