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The past two years heralded an era of evolution and renewed growth for virtually every industry that had people scrambling to understand their status and rework their projections and strategies. While it is easy to proclaim absolute change, not many industries were compelled to evolve as fast as the communication industry did. In

fact, according to PR Week, 2021 was a record year of growth for the PR agency sector, which means whatever it is that we collectively did allow us to survive the change and grow from it.

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Consider this: for generations, our industry had been deeply rooted in earned media; our creative chops were the only tools and metrics for our success. Over the past couple of decades alone, the path forward had to be reimagined to involve, and in some cases accept full reliance on, paid media. Some viewed this as the communication industry adopting a race-to-the-bottom approach, sacrificing integrity and creativity to ensure relevance. This could not be further from the truth as it disregards the human element and denotes audiences as pawns on a strict clickbait diet.

The contemporary metric for success requires nimbleness and a blending of earned and paid media that addresses a story capitalises on it and grows it.

Game changer


It was only time before YouTube would delve into the world of podcasts. After all, content creators have been uploading podcasts to the platform for a while, granting YouTube much-needed data to venture on its own and invite creators to their mix.


Breaking the net

1 chance

When it comes to humanitarian initiatives, none are as bold or ambitious as the ‘1 Billion Meals’ campaign. To ensure absolute awareness, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives took to the streets with cars without car plate numbers to raise awareness of the empty plates of more than 2 billion people worldwide who do not have access to food.


Slap Me Maybe

Will Smith reignited people’s interest in the Oscars for the wrong reason. The morality of his actions notwithstanding, the internet was quick to jump on the meme train, creating a viral impact. Though the moment may conceal some humour in its shock effect, not all audiences were welcoming of the parodies, and some brands that sought to blindly take advantage of the trend were forced to recall their meme attempts.