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Marketing Game Changers 2023: Errol Marquis, Head of Marketing, Danube Properties

Marketing Game Changers is back, to recognise and celebrate those brand-building marketing leaders who have made a huge impact this year.

This exclusive list features the men and women who we feel have shaped our industry this year, and includes a wide array of brands, campaigns and their achievements.

The prestigious top 10 includes four women, three Saudi based brands, an abundance of creativity, plus a strong focus on sustainability.
Errol Marquis, Head of Marketing, Danube Properties
Years in current position: 6 months
Years with current company: less than 1
Size of department: 15

What is your objective in your current role?

In my capacity, I am tasked with the strategic transformation of the Danube Properties brand, ensuring its alignment with future trends and demands. This involves crafting a unique and compelling brand persona for Danube Properties.

My responsibilities extend to spearheading the digital transformation efforts throughout the organisation, with a specific focus on enhancing customer journeys.

Furthermore, I am dedicated to cultivating global brand awareness for Danube Properties.

What is your guiding principle?

My guiding principle revolves around placing customer centricity at the nucleus of every business and brand. Recognising and comprehending consumer needs, wants and desires serves as an illuminating guide toward achieving brand and business objectives.

Drawing from my extensive experience in cultivating and fortifying global brands such as Colgate, Diageo, Vodafone and Cadbury’s, I firmly believe that consumer insight stands as the foundational cornerstone for successful brand creation and development.

How do you make agency relationships work?

Embracing ownership and responsibility serves as fundamental guiding principles to instill inspiration within an agency. I firmly advocate for cultivating a partnership-oriented mindset within the agency, rather than a vendor mindset.

When an agency aligns with the challenges faced by your business, it fosters a collaborative commitment that transcends conventional expectations, prompting them to consistently go above and beyond in working towards the achievement of shared goals.

Who inspires you professionally?

My greatest inspiration is my homemaker mother. Despite limited resources, she could always find solutions.

Her ability to create a nurturing environment, her knack for finding innovative solutions to daily tasks and anticipating situations has been truly remarkable. Day in and day out, she approached responsibilities with dedication and positivity, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.

Witnessing her resilience and resourcefulness motivated me profoundly. And this is a lesson I carry with humility and compassion in my own journey.

Also, I find true inspiration in leaders who place innovation and customer-centricity at the core of their leadership philosophy. Those who actively seek to comprehend and address customer needs emerge as industry luminaries.

By consistently prioritising innovation and fostering a deep understanding of customers, these leaders not only influence their respective industries but also serve as beacons of success.

What is the biggest challenge in marketing now?

In the contemporary landscape, consumers engage across multiple media platforms simultaneously. The intricate task of precisely targeting customers and delivering personalised messages poses a multifaceted challenge.

Skillful navigation of this challenge cultivates robust customer connections, bolsters brand loyalty and elevates the overall efficacy of marketing campaigns within a dynamic and competitive environment.

What is the next big opportunity?

Certainly, AI presents a signifi cant opportunity. Streamlining its tools into business operations, with a clear understanding, holds great potential for growth and innovation.

What can we expect to see from you and your brand in the next year?

More action, more launches and many more innovations.