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Liwa Content.Driven creates VR with Dubai CommerCity

Giving customers a ‘real’ experience

With the start of global lockdowns, and with no scope for international and local investors to travel, Dubai CommerCity faced a never-before challenge: How to market its large new facility to these audiences.

Built with an investment of around $1 billion, Dubai CommerCity is MENA’s first and leading free zone dedicated to e-commerce. A purpose-built development, it capitalizes on the exponential boom in e-commerce witnessed in the UAE over the last several years.

When this brief was handed over to Liwa Content.Driven, the video marketing specialists based in Dubai, they co-created an effective solution with the client. The collaboration resulted in a VR experiential solution – the perfect answer to keep the ball rolling.

After getting to the strategy drawing board, Liwa understood the need to communicate the scale and magnitude of the facility. And in these challenging times, it would be tough to give prospects a guided tour of the premises.

The VR solution from Liwa takes the prospect through the different clusters of the facility with easy navigation and all the relevant information. The VR tour has the capability to offer an in-person live guided tour with the controls in the hands of the viewer also, and accessible equally on the desktop as well as mobile. It’s as close as it gets to a real tour, delivering an expo-like experience.

Where real can’t, virtual can. Given the times, Liwa’s solution gives audiences a ‘near-real’ experience. Transcending time and space, tailor-made for the times.