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Liwa Content.Driven creates video for Smart Dubai’s paperless communication

Liwa Content.Driven comes up with a ‘next-gen’ video on Smart Dubai’s paperless communication.

Dubai’s ambitious ‘Paperless’ agenda is already well known. All government services will go paperless from end-2021 in a powerful statement about the Emirate’s environmental policies.

Smart Dubai, which is striving to help realize this vision, decided to communicate its countdown and entrusted the task to Liwa Content.Driven. Timelines were short, and Liwa hit the ground running. It’s a landmark event, and this being a curtain-raiser to it, the strategy had to be right.

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The key was to come up with a strategic direction that lends the required gravitas for a pioneering initiative of this magnitude, and yet one that resonates with people at large. In other words, how to make it engaging enough for audiences to watch, like and share.

Our strategic drawing board was brimming with concepts, all of which were shared with the client at every stage. The idea that was liked unanimously involved gen-next. Our premise was: A paperless Dubai goes a long way towards sustainability, and the key beneficiary of that would be the new generation.

We then took the next leap, interpreting this concept creatively. To drive engagement, we looked at a poetic rendition – both verbally and visually. Against some stunning natural settings, we placed little children across age groups threading it together with an evocative narrative, also in a child’s voice.

The final result was verse on video. The vignettes married to words creating the magic till the last frame. We took great care in casting, choosing from a cross-section of nationalities to represent Dubai. We also juxtaposed them interestingly, creating visual drama in a crisp edit.
A fitting tribute to one of the most impactful initiatives in the region.

Creative credits

Client: Smart Dubai

Executive Creative Director: Vijay Kumar

Strategy & Planning: Rohit Arora

Executive Producer: Sammy E. Hassan

Film Director: Sagar Rege

DOP: Ian Murphy

Art Direction: Abhijeet Choubal

Animation & GFX: Shoaib Ischtiyak & Nikhil Soman

Editor: Chadi

Production House: Icon Production

Final video: