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The way we do work is evolving. As more millennials join the workforce, there is a bigger need for organisations to adapt their workplace away from the traditional ways.. Digital nomads, entrepreneurs and freelancers have taught us that location no longer matters, and that collaboration and creativity are best served by the freedom to work outside of a traditional office environment. To stay relevant, companies rely on technology which enables and connects their employees from anywhere at any time.

What do millennials want from their employers? Making up 35% of the current workplace, they do not have the same attachments to bricks and mortar as their predecessors and crave diversity and mobility. This means the ability to work from home, a cafe, or even a hut on the beach, and a far deeper desire to perfect that ever-elusive work/life balance. Employers who ignore these desires will struggle to retain talent. A survey by Ernst & Young, for example, found that companies not allowing their employees to work flexibly was one of the top five reasons millennials quit their jobs.

In short, a new culture of work has emerged. One involving multiple locations and devices and the creation of workspaces that are open and inclusive of an employee’s own way of working. In such a world, it is technology that solves employees’ growing communication and collaboration needs.

With Microsoft Teams, employees have access to a shared hub that offers the ideal collaboration and communication solution for today’s teams in one secure location. They can communicate via shared screens using messaging, voice calling and video, and they are free to work from anywhere, either on their desktops or mobile devices. Microsoft Teams is more than a product. It represents a fundamentally different way of working. And communication is key within this new way of doing business.

Today’s workplace sees employees needing to connect with teammates inside and outside their organisation for work on core projects. Having one shared hub for teamwork can help them work better together, in turn driving better business outcomes. From chat, voice, and social tools to cloud-based co-authoring capabilities, Microsoft 365 Apps (previously known as Office 365) with Microsoft Teams delivers a powerful collaboration and communication solution designed to meet the diverse work styles and needs of every group. Inclusive features include auto-generated subtitles for the hard of hearing and a screen reader program for the visually impaired. It’s an all-in-one, integrated toolkit for teamwork – and it’s backed by Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security and reliability.

Keeping the business conversation going 24/7 has never been easier. With Microsoft Teams you can chat, meet virtually and call across devices. You can reduce travel time using audio, HD video, and web conferencing. You can invite everyone you work with to chat, meet, call and collaborate all in one place, no matter where you are. You can make clear and reliable calls and combine Microsoft Teams with Phone System, Calling Plan and Direct Routing, for business calling on a global scale. You can also host audio, video, and web conferences with anyone inside or outside of your organisation, or go big with live events.

Employees can express their own personalities by sending GIFs, stickers and emojis in a group chat or in private messages. Importantly, chat history keeps track of decisions, with an easy search function at the top. Group or private chat helps team members quickly connect with decision makers and they can set up an online meeting where they can co-author and share files to secure immediate approval. In-document integrated notifications and side-by-side chat enable real-time collaboration, editing, and finalisation of materials.

Communication is at the very heart of Microsoft Teams. Companies and groups that adopt Microsoft Teams will experience streamlined communication and improved productivity in a modern, collaborative workspace. After all, at the core of teamwork and collaboration is human interaction. And human interaction has never been easier than with Microsoft Teams.

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