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Jeep drivers help create its latest campaign

Posters, digital outdoor displays, social media reels, stories, soundbites, and even the main film are all personal content from the drivers

Jeep and Publicis Middle East have dropped their latest campaign “We Don’t Make Jeep, You Do.”, and it’s not your typical car ad.

Jeep let the community take the wheel. Posters, digital outdoor displays, social media reels, stories, soundbites, and even the main film – all crafted from the raw, unfiltered, and authentic photos, videos and personal content from the drivers.

According to Jeep, the voiceover in the film cements: “We Don’t Make Jeep, You Do.”, is a powerful statement that speaks to the heart of the Jeep community. It’s a reminder that it is more than just a car; it’s an extension of your spirit, a partner in your adventures, and a testament to your unique story.

The people who name their cars, infusing them with unique personalities and stories. “Ariana”, “Tornado”, “RockRusher” and many more where the names featured in this campaign, highlighting the main aspect that separates Jeep from the rest.

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Melhem Najm, Chief Marketing Officer at Stellantis MEA: “The spirit of adventure is in Jeep’s DNA and we’re very proud to have such a loyal community across the globe, particularly here in the Middle East region. These communities are the heart and soul of Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator, coming together to experience the freedom and thrill of the off-road.

“This new campaign is designed to capture the essence of what Jeep is all about through the lens of those passionate enthusiasts who live and breathe the brand.

“I would like to thank all the owners who shared their unique content with us – they gave us the opportunity to create a powerful film that showcases the individual and personal characteristics of this iconic SUV.”

The campaign is a mixture of stories, created with user-generated content (UGC): Instagram Reels full of dusty explorations, stories with tales of conquered peaks, and feeds taken over by their original key visuals. With this, people’s social profiles were turned into showrooms, with each Jeep as individual as the driver who turns the wheel.

Tuki Ghiassi, Executive Creative Director and Anton Marais, Creative Director at Publicis Middle East, said:  “As advertisers we always look for the USP. So many automotive competitors are copying the design of Jeep vehicles, so we had to dig deeper than the product to find the essence of Jeep. A brand is so much more than a product and a logo. It is an ethos lived and breathed by its audience.

“The passion that the Jeep community has for their vehicles is what sets our brand apart. No manufacturer can ever copy that. So, instead of shiny new vehicles, we celebrated scratched-up, muddy Jeep SUVs and the people who own them, name them, modify them and take them on adventures.

“Jeep is owned by the Jeep community, and it’s a badge of honor to proclaim we didn’t make this campaign. They did.”


Chief Creative Officer: Rafael Augusto

Executive Creative Director: Tuki Ghiassi

Creative Director: Anton Marais

Associate Creative Director: Oussama Founi

Associate Creative Director: Per Kristian Morck

Senior Art Director: Vinicius Maldonado

Senior Copywriter: Pablo Tesio

Senior Art Director: Stefano Chiabrando

Senior Copywriter: Johan Granados

Art Director/Editor: Abdullah Samir

Art Director: Randy Balbon

Motion Designer: Louis Borniche

Senior Designer: Hamdan Muhsen

Editor: Yousef Azhari

Arabic Copywriter: Kamel Zeitouny

Producer: Yousra Elharouni

Business Lead: Jean Traboulsi

Business Director: Stuart Randall

Communication Manager: Alessandra Ziade

Project Manager: Karim El Kabre

Senior Manager – Content: Maryam Audi