What marketers can expect with Google’s new AI features

Google has rolled out Conversational experience in Google Ads.

The new chat-based feature is designed to combine users expertise with Google AI to help search campaign creations.

The tool helps optimise search ads by generating the text and assets users need. It will suggest relevant and effective keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, and site links for campaigns.

Brands, advertisers and marketers can build higher quality search campaigns  with less effort, through relevant and diverse ad copy, including creative and keywords from a website URL.

The testing was announced last year and will rollout globally to all English-language advertisers within the next few weeks.

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Google has also introduced AI features to chrome to help organise tabs and get assistant on writing.

The ‘Tabs groups’ will help organise alot of tabs, where Chrome will automatically suggest and create tab groups based on users open tabs.

The ‘Writing help’ tool will launch in next month’s Chrome release. Whether users need help for a writing a strong restaurant review, create a RSVP for an office party or an enquiry about renting apartments, the ‘Help e write’ feature can help your writing process.