How exactly does Yas Island choose its brand ambassador?

Popularity, regional relevance and positive influence are all factors that led to the recent appointment of Jason Momoa as its Chief Island Officer

Yas Island has explained just what goes into choosing a brand ambassador, or Chief Island Officer as it likes to call them. Jason Momoa was recently unveiled as the face of Yas Island, replacing fellow Hollywood celebrity Kevin Hart.

“Many factors come into play when vetting the potential brand ambassador. Legacy, popularity, reputation, regional relevance and a positive influence on our target audience are amongst the primary concerns for choosing a promising representative for Yas Island,” said Badr Bourji, VP of Marketing and PR at Miral Destinations.

 In terms of timeline, the process starts from the ideation to the execution phase, which can take up to three months. This includes several meetings and brainstorming sessions with brand teams, creative heads, partner agencies and then onboarding and briefing the chosen ambassador.

“As a brand, Yas Island is all about having a bold attitude and a dynamic persona that can connect with every visitor. The obvious choice was star actor Jason Momoa, who emits a fiery personality, 110 per cent energy and mirrors an enthusiastic figure that doesn’t settle for mediocracy,” Bourji added.

Following Kevin Hart’s farewell in February, Yas Island launched a ‘World’s Best Job’ campaign, providing its audience with a one-time-only opportunity to become an ambassador. “Results were mind-blowing – thousands of applications from around the world, 134 nationalities from over 100 countries sharing their creative videos for a chance to land the World’s Best Job”.

Yas Island’s first trailer for the CIO campaign showed Momoa paddling on his board making his way to the island, showing fans first-hand that he is prepared to live up to Yas Island’s adventures and taking the audience on a ride around its award-winning attractions.

“Each brand ambassador has a unique personality and we curate our brand campaigns as such. Leading celebrities Kevin Hart, Ranveer Singh and Jason Momoa hold a huge following base and in turn they entertain their fans in their own style. Likewise, each represents Yas Island’s energy in a way that speaks their language and that of their fans”.