How brand outcomes ensure advertisers’ peace of mind

The digital advertising landscape is ever-evolving and it’s safe to say that messages reach the netizens at the speed of light which is why the concept of Brand Safety and Trust is gaining importance as these concerns often lurk behind the scenes.

This is the bedrock upon which successful campaigns are planned and executed, ensuring adverts are at the right touchpoint and seen by the targeted audience. 

Therefore, we strive to support them with our one-stop solution powered and packed by AI/ML algorithms that drive Awareness, Consideration and Conversion ranging from the first stage of the marketing funnel to the final stage of fulfilling KPIs.

It helps brands achieve their business goals and objectives, elevating the success of any marketing campaign where every click, view and impression counts and matters. 

AdTech stack solutions

In today’s cyber verse or tech-savvy world, the competition among brands is at par since they try to be the leading ones among their competitors via their unique USPs and offerings. 

Owing to this, sustaining the digital landscape and targeting the right audience also becomes a little daunting for marketers because consumers prefer those brands that deliver tailor-made content, personalised to their needs. 

In fact, with the availability of multiple brands, they often become brand switchers and look for those where they find better resonating content and cost-effectiveness. Thus, we help brands with our tech-savvy AI-driven solutions that understand users at the initial stages of their onboarding on an app. 

We totally agree that these days, keeping ahead of the market competition is crucial for brands because now the driver of growth of the digital ecosystem is Artificial Intelligence, coupled with Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics. 

While talking about brand safety and trust, one issue that cannot be compromised or overlooked is fraud. Though it’s a real-time concern that drains the marketing budget without even the knowledge of an advertiser, we have covered you for fraud prevention mechanisms as well. 

Our AdTech Stack comes equipped with MRC-accredited tools that leverage AI and efficiently detect unethical advertising practices before reaching advertisers.

These tools employ metrics and data-cleaning solutions that identify and immediately blacklist the non-human traffic. Marketers relying on such solutions can easily validate the first-party data and remove suspicious actions which maintain brand safety. 

Additionally, it leads to the long-term and effective association of brands because our solutions ensure that the campaigns get executed in a transparent environment where transparency is reflected in business operations. This focuses on better analytics and attribution, resulting in campaign optimization and efficient monetisation, fulfilling the campaign’s KPIs. 

While various solutions possess unique specialities and attributes, they all eventually encourage users to resonate with them. This enables the AdTech Stack to decipher and deliver an absolute user experience, ensuring brand safety and trust requires collaboration across the entire advertising ecosystem. 

Today, every brand is coming up with something new to thrive in the marketplaces wherein, advertisers, publishers, technology partners, and industry stakeholders must join forces to create an environment built on transparency, accountability, and ethical practices. This will help them embark on a journey towards meaningful and impactful brand engagement in the dynamic digital age with Digital Sustainability. 

By: Gagan Uppal, Country Head- MENA, Xapads Media