Generative AI strategies at Gamers8

Partnering with Smartifai, Extend unveiled a strategy designed to captivate users and amplify event awareness

Following the success of the 2022 Gamers8 event, the launch of the event this year was highly anticipated.

Gamers8 now firmly stands as a major industry player and has solidified Riyadh’s position as the esports capital of the region.

Spearheaded by the Saudi Esports Federation, this year’s ‘Land of Heroes’ event aimed to surpass its predecessor in all aspects, from the prize pool’s size to the scale of games and events hosted in Riyadh.

The Extend AdNetwork, responsible for strategy, planning, and execution set out to raise awareness and spark engagement for the event.

This was achieved by pushing the boundaries and challenging conventional norms, introducing tech-driven, content-centered integration in place of the traditional approach, all while targeting a heightened connection with the tech and gaming community.

Partnering with Smartifai, Extend unveiled a strategy designed to captivate users and amplify event awareness.

This approach centered around the integration of ChatGPT with contextual tech, generating unprecedented attention for Gamers8.

Harnessing the power of generative AI, the entire execution was designed to seize users’ attention.

It achieved this by delivering swift and concise content summaries in both English and Arabic while navigating users to ad content through the integration of video and three distinct visual communications within the ChatGPT ad format.

This approach enhanced the reading experience and fostered deeper engagement by developing partnerships with gaming, sports, music, and entertainment publishers.

The campaign was launched on a global scale, employing in-screen and in-image ads in international markets while focusing on ChatGPT Ads in regional markets such as KSA and UAE.

As the campaign progressed, interaction rates soared to an astounding 16.6 per cent during the final week, surpassing display and social benchmarks in the region.

Addressable context was used to understand the audience’s social context, particularly those actively engaged in gaming and tech communities.

This personalised approach ensured that Gamers8 resonated with its target audience on a deeper level.

The incorporation of motion context allowed to leverage real-time gaming events for hyper-personalisation of Gamers8 communications, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for every individual.

The campaign’s success recorded over 3,500 footfalls recorded at the Gamers8 event’s physical location.

Tareq Al Awar

Tareq Al Awar – Head Of Digital Media at Extend, said:  “ This is a testimony to push our efforts to stay at the forefront of innovation and bring a unique execution to our clients, introducing the latest tech as an early adopter in the Saudi market.

“We are continually striving to establish ourselves as a key differentiator in our digital offerings to our clients.

“When we proposed this first-of-its-kind execution, we were confident of achieving exponential results by applying a unique use-case of technologies like Generative AI and its applications to advertising that enhance the user experience and set new industry standards for creativity and engagement.”

Adel Almeqren

Adel AlMeqren, The Head of Marketing & Branding at Saudi Esports Federation, stated the historical significance of these achievements, proclaiming that Gamers8 is in the process of making Saudi Arabia a global epicenter for esports and gaming.

He further highlighted that Gamers8’s willingness to explore and implement something truly new and unique in the industry signifies the organisation’s commitment to innovation and its open-minded approach to marketing strategies.

Herman D’Souza, Co-Founder of Smartifai said: “Extend’s supervision and strategic contributions significantly influenced the campaign’s innovative approach.

“Their involvement was crucial from the campaign’s inception, actively participating in the development of launch strategies that seamlessly integrated advanced technology.

“Tareq’s hands-on engagement continued throughout the various phases of the campaign, offering valuable insights and expertise to ensure its smooth execution.

“This highlighted the significance of a strategic partnership that understands the client’s vision and objectives, enabling them to embrace cutting-edge technologies, adapt to changes, and elevate our region to meet global standards.

“Islam Haggag, Media Manager, played a vital role in orchestrating the campaign’s media presence and impact, further reinforcing the synergy between collaboration and execution in achieving remarkable outcomes through the Gamers8 unique activation.”