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Growing at the speed of change

“Attracting affluent travelers to Saudi Arabia was our destination, but data was our roadmap for getting there”, writes Bloomberg's Amit Nayak

Amit Nayak, Managing Director, Middle East & Africa, Bloomberg Media

The economic center of gravity is shifting by the day. The speed of growth in the Middle East is matched only by the scope of its ambition, and Bloomberg Media is committed to keeping pace with both.

As our audience of modern leaders increasingly looks to the region—as a driver of business and culture, as the new epicenter of economic growth and human potential—it’s our mission to deliver them the information and experiences that drive business success.

A growth story this multifaceted requires a multifaceted response. Bloomberg Media’s organisation-wide approach to the Middle East touches every corner of the business, from editorial programs and live events to the commercial campaigns co-created with our advertising partners.

Through the breadth of this storytelling and after years of hard-won success, we have unique insight into how to tell the Middle East story.

The most affluent audience on the planet doesn’t operate on hunches. When you control trillions in investment dollars, it’s not enough to take claims at face value.

At Bloomberg Media, data is the lifeblood of the stories that we craft for our partners across the region, and the key to reaching a global audience that moves markets.

Data does more than inform. Through AiQ, our proprietary audience and content analysis platform, we are better able to understand the interests and motivations of our high-net-worth audience, and to tell them stories that we know will resonate.

When paired with creativity, data not only grabs attention but illuminates a point of view, and it can inform a strategy that challenges, then changes, misperceptions.

Take The Most Amazing, a content partnership with Saudi Tourism Authority. Our Dubai-based Bloomberg Media Studios team — one of four in addition to New York, London and Singapore — knew that attracting affluent travelers to Saudi Arabia was our destination, but data was our roadmap for getting there.

To do so, we tapped into Bloomberg Media’s Now Boarding: The Global Traveler’s Outlook, a qualitative and quantitative study into how leisure and business audiences view travel in a post-pandemic world.

Armed with a knowledge of the experiences that most excite and surprise these readers, we created stories for STA that broke through the clutter to deliver on our digital, social and TV platforms.

While it can provide a snapshot of one moment in time, data also shines a light on future opportunity. With more than one-third of the $140.5 million in total global AUM projected to be ESG-related by 2025, that investment opportunity can’t be left to guesswork.

This is why comprehensive data is the foundation of our Sustainable Future Study with Mubadala, and our north star in building a narrative around stories of sustainable innovation.

Live experiences also play a crucial role in our partnership with Mubadala and dozens of others, giving them a spotlight to share expertise and exchange ideas through sponsorship of key Bloomberg events like Bloomberg Invest and The Year Ahead in Davos.

This is thought leadership in action— empowering partners to foster compelling, news-making conversation that transcends traditional paid media to deliver earned impact.

As we look to the future, it’s with the confidence that data will only become more important to building new partnerships and fostering existing ones.

The effective, creative use of data is more than just marketing.

It’s about harnessing the power of a global community that has the potential to fuel the transformational ambitions of our partners—partners who are pivotal to the development of nations and to the future of the people of the Middle East.

By Amit Nayak, Managing Director, Middle East & Africa, Bloomberg Media