Goody Kitchen celebrates food with a hub of culinary content

Goody Kitchen upgrades its proposition, creating new experiences for its community with a complete journey that includes culinary inspiration, masterclasses, seasonal magazines and other features like purchasing the recipes available on the Goody Kitchen platform, with the goal to be the home of passionate foodies across the MENA region.

Goody Kitchen celebrates the love of food, and after a decade of inspiring the community with delicious food solutions, it continues to improve the experiences it provides. Being in tune with the pulse of a dynamic food market, Goody Kitchen recognises the importance of evolving to cater to the changing needs of its target audience. Hence, Goody Kitchen embarked on a transformation journey to provide smart and customised food solutions to its growing community.

With its evolution, Goody Kitchen provides a complete journey for its users, starting from culinary inspiration to purchasing the recipes available on the Goody Kitchen platform. This all-inclusive user experience, provided through the Goody Kitchen website, empowers users to explore the new recipes being constantly added to the platform, learn cooking skills, and even shop for Goody products, via a collaboration with Amazon. This hub of culinary content also includes masterclasses which are taught by chefs and foodies, providing a learning opportunity for foodies to advance their cooking techniques. Last but not least, the Goody Kitchen Magazine, also available through the platform, provides innovative user-generated content relevant to the season during which the specific magazine is issued.

At the same time, through this platform, Goody Kitchen has been able to create a growing community of Goody Kitchen Stars, influencers and foodies, who can use this forum to share their recipes, creative ideas and experiences with other like-minded individuals who share their passion for food and cooking. This nurturing community is able to engage with one another as its members enjoy personalised experiences. It is further complemented by Goody Kitchen’s YouTube show, “طلعوا طبيخة”, which has already completed two seasons, and features the stories of unexpected passionate cooks.

Aligned with the upgraded experiences Goody Kitchen provides and supporting its vision of being the inspirational home of passionate foodies across the MENA region, Goody Kitchen has recently undergone a major transformation, launching a new identity, including a complete revamp of the brand positioning, brand offering and visual identity. This identity works hand in hand with the brand’s content programme, which focuses on delicious, innovative experiences conveyed through photography, video, animations, recipes and magazines. The new identity was recognized by the Transform Awards MEA 2021, winning the Gold Award for Best Rebrand of Digital Property and the Silver Award for Best Visual Identity from the Food & Beverage Sector. The Transform Awards MEA celebrate excellence and reward innovation in branding in the Middle East & Africa, and these awards are a testament to the transformative vision of Goody Kitchen, captured masterfully by Landor & Fitch.

Speaking about the recent Goody Kitchen enhancements, brand manager Hazar Hafiz said: “At the tenth-year anniversary of Goody Kitchen, I wanted to help the brand stand out from the existing platforms in the market, and at the same time evolve the brand to match our evolving target audience. This began with the repositioning of Goody Kitchen and was followed by a new brand identity celebrating the love for food. The results were remarkable; a younger, more modern brand identity complemented by an inspiring visual look and feel that keep our target audience at the heart of the brand and capture the brand essence perfectly. Indeed, the numbers speak for themselves; since the rollout of the new identity, Goody Kitchen has experienced a 10 per cent growth in awareness in less than one year!”

In a market landscape that is cluttered with food solutions platforms that offer very similar content, Goody Kitchen has set itself apart, not only through its identity, but also through the customised and innovative content that it offers, and the many tools that are available to the users’ fingertips. Goody Kitchen… A world of culinary wonder awaits.