GES launches Spiro

GES launches Spiro to expand virtual, hybrid and traditional special event services, with presence in the Middle East.

GES, a live event company with offices around the world, including in the UAE and Saudi Arabia,  is taking a major step toward embracing change, identifying new growth opportunities, and, ultimately, redefining what it means to “come together.” GES introduces their newest venture Spiro, the brand experience agency for the NEW NOW.

Spiro strengthens GES’ abilities to manage traditional events and will offer a new set of capabilities that deliver heightened experience dividends for the ways events have now evolved.

“The launch of Spiro comes at a very opportune time for our industry and clients,” said Spiro’s global president, Jeff Stelmach. “The past two years have reinforced the critical value of events and experiences in connecting people. Now, some people might meet up in one place while others are joining online. Some interactions take place entirely online.

It’s not about meeting people with similar interests in a single location – it’s about people with similar interests meeting up in the mediums where they are. We see this not as a hurdle, but rather, as an opportunity to draw even bigger audiences and attract attendees who might never have been able to ‘attend’ live events before.”

Skilled in analytic, strategic event management, creative design and production, Spiro sees in-person, virtual and hybrid events alike as opportunities for immersive, interactive storytelling and brand loyalty-building.

“There have never been so many ways for businesses to thoughtfully engage with their key audiences – and gain access to new ones,” said Spiro’s chief marketing officer, Carley Faircloth. “One of Spiro’s key offerings is creating Communities of Practice – a design approach that positions events as catalysts for ongoing community. Through this proprietary approach, experiences are elevated beyond the transactional, to pay dividends to the experience deficit global audiences now face.”

While Spiro expands capabilities for in-person as well as virtual, hybrid and integrated experiences, GES will continue as a leader in providing its full spectrum of traditional exhibition services and tradeshows.

For more about GES, visit GES.com. For more about Spiro, visit ThisIsSpiro.com