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FP7/KSA and the Sports for All Federation promote healthy living with ‘From I can’t to I can’ campaign

Sports for All Federation (SFA) – Brand Campaign

Sports for All Federation (SFA) sits under the Ministry of Sports, and its main role is to advocate healthy living and physical activity by organizing neighbourhood and outdoor sports events.

In 2021- and after the great success achieved from launching the ‘Baytak Nadeek’ – ‘Your Home – Your Gym’ campaign in 2020 and since all sporting activities were still on halt due to the Covid-19 situation – SFA launched its campaign to highlight the importance of exercising and practising physical activity.

The creative idea was built around a simple fact, that movement is an essential part of life, and nothing can be achieved while standing still.

As a result, our campaign had a direct and simple call to action, “Start Moving Now!”

Whereby moving doesn’t solely imply physical movement, as we aimed to help people challenge their inner demons and move from one state of mind to another.

Moving from believing they can’t, to believing they can do it.

From saying it is impossible to proving that anything is possible.

From being inactive to being active…

For our campaign to be successful, it needed to be persuasive and inspirational yet grounded and relatable.

So, our films were based on insightful stories and testimonials of real people talking about their transformational journeys, agony, perseverance, commitment, and how eventually, they were able to change their lives by making physical activity a daily routine.

After launching the campaign, we created a digital hub, in collaboration with professional trainees, to motivate people and guide them by providing useful workout routines and helpful tips.

In order to make it more engaging, we asked our audience to share their own transformational stories, then we featured them on our social media channels.

Our message didn’t fall on deaf ears, and the campaign’s success was demonstrated by the online interaction and engagement and the huge number of SFA App downloads.

Agency: FP7 KSA

Creative Team: Nidal Bou Hamdan – Hosam Mobarak  – Alex Caayao – Mustapha Bash – Sara Fattani – Elizabeth Abou Haidar

Client Management and Digital Teams: Salim Fayed – Jad Abdelkader – Ahmed Alajami – Naif Alshaikh