ExhibitV launches interactive 360 panoramic platforms for virtual exhibitions

With global travel restrictions still in place, virtual is a fast-growing option for hybrid events

ExhibitV, a Dubai-based visual technology company, has launched its 3D platform to build engagement and drive long term relationships with customers and communities across the world in a secure, meaningful way as the world moves from physical to digital.

ExhibitV provides event organizers with a platform that provides the full experience of an event including 360-degree views compatible with all types of head-mounted devices, personalised stands with branding, product information, demo tools and an AI chatbot to manage and interact with visitors.

According to Allied Market Research (AMR), the exhibitions market is set to contract by 60 per cent in 2020. The 2019 market size was $29.7bn in contrast with 2020’s market which has shrunk to $11.6bn due to Covid-19. With global travel restrictions still in place, virtual is a fast-growing option for hybrid events.

Susmit Dey, founder and chief technology officer, believes that the current platforms that exist primarily lack the total 360-degree experience and are based on gaming technology which cannot be customized to real-life experiences. With 25 years of bringing a variety of visual effects and digital technology to the region from high-end aerial filming to creating 360 virtual experiences, he believes that the UAE market is ripe for disruption and companies need to take the risk or else perish.

ExhibitV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visual Lab, is backed by a strong board with members including Reenita Das.

Reenita Das believes, “We have a single mission: to provide event organizers and corporate customers the options to create an engaging platform that can showcase businesses virtually while capturing the essence of what exhibitions and events are all about – interaction.”

ExhibitV is managed by a leadership team that brings 25 years of experience in the visual experience world coupled with a deep understanding of how megatrends are shaping the future of the world, creating new opportunities for disruption and engagement.

In addition to the visual stands, lobby and entrance with its branding opportunities, the platform can be plugged into any site and stream conferences from the likes of Zoom et al into the platform for live sessions.

Dey added, “We can customize our stands to be hosted on company web pages well after any exhibition is over on a subscription basis with additional options as required including the options of virtual reality for live demos and classroom interaction.”