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Durex and VICE Arabia continue ground-breaking music campaign

Following last year’s phenomenal success, including a nomination for an Effie Award, Durex is collaborating for the second edition of the ‘Tasjeelat Durex’ (Durex Records) music campaign with multi-platform media company VICE Arabia.

The one-of-a-kind campaign shines a spotlight on the rising talent in Middle Eastern hip-hop, providing a platform for the thriving Arabic hip-hop movement and showcasing the work of numerous gifted artists.

This year comes with an exciting twist with artists performing brand-new songs produced in collaboration with Anghami, the Middle East’s leading music streaming platform. Embracing the theme of self-expression, these tracks, which will be available across all multiple platforms, embody Durex’s mission of empowering individuals to express their authentic selves, while incorporating elements and sounds unique to each artist’s hometown. Tasjeelat Durex aims to establish Durex as a key player in inspiring discussions about culture, identity, and music, spotlighting artists who advocate progressive ideas through their musical talents.

This year’s lineup, which coincides with Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary, welcomes BLVXB as the first artist, a trailblazing Saudi rapper known for his significant impact on the genre. He is widely credited with introducing trap and drill elements to a scene previously entrenched in old-school hip-hop.  BLVXB’s unapologetic expressiveness, evident in his prior album, underscores his distinctive presence in the Saudi rap landscape. Additional artists hailing from various regions will be revealed soon, further accentuating the diverse nature and sound of Arabic hip-hop.

Imran Yousuf, Marketing Director Middle East, shared his enthusiasm: “Durex is committed to enabling Arab youth to embrace their true selves.

“As we embark on the second year of the Durex Tasjeelat campaign, we are eager to build upon last year’s astounding achievements delving into the crossroads of youth culture, musical insights, and captivating content. We take great pride in ongoing collaboration with VICE Arabia and the new partnership with Anghami, delivering fresh self-expression-inspired songs with hometown influences and highlighting an array of homegrown talents, while crafting work specifically tailored to the Arab youth.”

Carla Dabis, Commercial Director MEA for VICE Arabia, added: “Our inaugural Tasjeelat Durex campaign placed the brand at the heart of a highly engaged and young audience.

“Together we were able to harness the power of that community to drive conversation, push boundaries and celebrate culture to create a new level of engagement and awareness amongst a key demographic. We are looking forward to building on this success with our new partners Anghami as we increase the reach and power of this campaign across MEA.”

To watch the performances and learn more about the partnership, visit https://www.youtube.com/@durexrecords122