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Dubai Tourism hijacks European airwaves with weather campaign


To encourage Europeans to escape their gloomy winter, Dubai Tourism called upon five of the continent’s most famous weather presenters and meteorologists to broadcast their regular shows from a slight change of location.

An apparent regular broadcast starts with the hosts bemoaning a dreary forecast of wind, rain and snow from what at first appears to be the UK, Russia, France, Germany or Italy.

The camera then pans out to reveal the presenters are actually broadcasting from a sunny Dubai beach, giving the audience a cheeky invitation to enjoy all the city’s attractions in temptingly beautiful weather. Made by Wunderman, the weather broadcasts will appear on European television and radio stations.

The campaign will also use an outdoor livestream of Dubai’s bright skies on a backdrop of Europe’s cold, iron-grey ones.

Client: Dubai Corporation of Tourism & Commerce Marketing

Director: Alex Oberberg

Director: Sara Hughes

Manager: Yovitha Dale

CEO: Nassib Boueri

Managing Director: Faysal Abdulmalak

Account Manager: Nimit Bhatia,

Account Executive: Shabhaaz Khan

Art Work: Babu Nair, Fahad Rayan

Creative support: Piotr Skarbek, Agata Kubien, Fatima Nokkari

Agency producer: Carla Louis


Executive Creative Director: Piotr Chrobot

Senior Copywriter: Fernando Miranda

Senior Art. Director: Lina Nader

Senior Planner: Alvaro Bratel

Designers: Azam Muhammad, Fahad Naeem, Daniel Zacatenco, Miguel Bardales,