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Dubai Creek “glitches” for the day

Almost like a glitch in the universe, what is the winky face that’s floating in Dubai Creek?

Floating alongside the Dubai Creek skyline, the emoji is a part of the new indoor entertainment centre Glitch’s launch campaign.

A 50ft big ball, the giant emoji was inflated and set to float in the waters of Old Dubai’s creek. A mystery for the general public, the emoji ball was then revealed to be the signature trademark of Glitch.

The ball also featured a message to the audience #UnleashTheExtraInYou, which is a part of the entertainment park’s overall branding. The message aligns with Glitch’s aim to be “the ultimate destination for seekers of adrenaline-fuelled fun”, where it hosts attractions like a Ninja warrior assault course, virtual reality experiences and an indoor roller glider.

Behind the campaign

Speaking about the concept of the idea behind the launch campaign of the centre, Jemma Starzecki, Vice President – Marketing, Al Ghurair Properties said, “In today’s digital world, it was important for us to ensure we’re creating content worth sharing because, when done right, a PR activation can propel relatively unknown brands into the limelight and that was the thought process behind this activation – we wanted to launch the venue with a bang.”

She also says coming up with the idea required some “blue sky thinking” and was designed, just like its logo, to get “tongues wagging”.

The campaign also plays on Dubai’s fondness for the biggest and the largest of objects and attractions.

“Well, our mission is to put the newest family entertainment centre on the map and what better way in Dubai than to do something – literally – big. So, I thought let’s put a 50ft ball on the creek. With Glitch being situated in the heart of old Dubai, it felt like the perfect location for such a stunt,” adds Starzecki.

The PR stunt and campaign were put together by the Al Ghurair Properties marketing team along with its PR partners, Action Global Communications and activations agency Osmium.

Located in the vicinity of its launch campaign at Deira’s Al Ghurair Centre, Glitch opens its doors on June 19.