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Digital Industry Snapshot: Impact’s Ana Júlia de Oliveira

Ana Júlia de Oliveira, Integrated strategist, Impact BBDO

How did the digital ecosystem change last year?

Quite simply, it has become more complicated. Web 3.0, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, metaverse and blockchain have increasingly captured the interest of people and brands. However, buzz aside, most of them are too theoretical for brands and end users to wrap their heads around. Although they are still widely talked about, there is an undeniable struggle around implementing such technologies to enhance digital ecosystems. This is why a shift has begun, which I believe will gain more momentum in 2023, where technologies that are more intuitive will become essential tools to enhance user experiences and their lives as a whole.  

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Which of these trends will spill into 2023 and what changes do you expect?

Artificial intelligence will continue to grow exponentially as a vital tool in making businesses more agile and people’s lives simpler. We can already see how user interaction with different touchpoints will continue to accelerate this trend. The rise in popularity of smart platforms, such as ChatGPT, and platforms replacing search engines, such as TikTok, shows users want digital experiences to be fluid, personalised, and more meaningful. Brands need to keep in mind the way consumers interact with platforms to determine which tools to invest in and how they can enhance their digital ecosystems further. 

What are some of the biggest challenges you foresee?

Effectively processing data. Data is one of the big buzzwords that has been around for a long time. There was a time when brands lacked access to it and now, with the help of technology, we have it in abundance and in more ways than we could have imagined. Therefore, a big challenge will be around transforming that data into clear, actionable insights that drive business and consumer value. Placing a larger importance on the integration of man and machine. 

What can brands do differently to accelerate their digital strategy?

Pay close attention to their audiences. It always goes back to people and how they interact with the world around them, in this case with the digital world. Understanding what matters to them and then leveraging the tools that enable you to deliver on their needs through a consistent brand experience. 

What are the biggest opportunities brands can gear up for this year?

Having more opportunities to speak to their audiences in ways that add value to both sides. With the help of AI, brands will be able to converse more effectively with audiences because they will be able to learn what audiences prefer when it comes to content and products, ultimately informing the creation of new products and content that is more personalised and relevant. In turn, this contributes to delivering a more fluid brand experience all in all.