COP26, marketers and the ESG agenda

The Glasgow Climate Pact has reaffirmed the importance of prioritising environmental, social and governance messages, says Arif Durrani (pictured below), executive editor of Bloomberg Media.


The Glasgow Climate Pact announced on Saturday sends a clear message that the march to net zero is only accelerating. Negotiated by 197 nations over two frenetic weeks fuelled by haggis spring rolls and macaroni pies, the agreement is more than expected, but less than hoped. 

But while frustrations simmer over terminology that pledges to “phase down” instead of “phase out” unabated coal, the Clyde-built pact stills sets us on a path that radically reduces coal usage, eliminates fossil-fuel subsidies and commits governments to the most ambitious targets of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

Net-zero has gone mainstream. Expect this to impact every aspect of

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