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Cobone provides an offer that even a gangster can’t refuse

There are offers. Then there are offers you can’t refuse. Cobone’s latest ad film campaign, in collaboration with agency Amber Communications, showcases how it provides offers that even gangster’s can’t refuse.

Taking a dark, yet hilarious approach, the film showcases how the platform can provide the best offer that one can get.

Cobone is a platform that gives people access to offers on staycations, beauty and spa, entertainment activities etc. Cobone’s campaign aims to communicate this fact across its digital films.

The film showcases a gangster and his henchman trying to squeeze information out of a hostage, by luring him with what they think are good offers including him being safely dropped back home. But when the mob boss puts forth the ‘best’ offer he can think of, the film subverts expectations, with the henchman correcting and defining what best offers actually are, the ones you find on Cobone.

Owning the word ‘offer’, the ad uses the plot twist to encourage the audience to think of Cobone before availing any offer.

The film, through its  visuals and execution, finally lands on the campaign line “Smart Offers. Nothing Else.”

It is then followed by a short clip showing the gangster, the henchman and the hostage enjoying their time in a swimming pool, reaping the benefits of the Cobone offers.


Title: Hostage
Brand: Cobone
Creative Agency: Amber Communications, Dubai.

Production House: Film Dojo
Director: Arun Francis

Agency Team: Salil Sawale, Shynil Hashim, Tanushree Ghosh, Muraleekrishna, George Allen
Producer: Murali Govindan