New culture-based creative house launches in Dubai

JBM Studio Founders, Benjamin and Julien Monie, along with Antoine Croise, Founder and Former Director of Auditoire Dubai, have announced the launch of a new creative house, The Originals.

The new creative house will operate in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The Originals will aim to  offer events and content creation for large-scale multi-media cultural shows, artistic digital installations, immersive experiences and events.

The Originals team brings two decades of experience, having designed and delivered some of the largest events across the region for prestigious clients and brands.

Located in the heart of Al Quoz, The Originals supports the Dubai Government’s vision for the Al Quoz creative zone project and its mission to inspire the next generation of creative talent.

Benjamin Monie, Co-Founder of The Originals said: “The Originals is committed to supporting the rapid development of the Middle East’s cultural ecosystem. We have always been fascinated by our continually evolving world and the people we encounter which is an infinite source of inspiration for us. We aim to explore new territories and craft our original experiences and content with like-minded partners which is why we prioritise creating our own Ips, as well as co-creating original concepts with relevant partners in the region.”

Julien Monie, Co-Founder of The Originals added: “The Originals is more than a traditional agency. We are a platform for the creative economy and a social space that brings people together to connect, collaborate and explore new ideas. This enables us to be physically connected to what is happening now and to what is coming next.”

Antoine Croise, Co-Founder of The Originals said: “We don’t want to do events just for the sake of doing events. We want to make sure that the projects we develop have a positive social and cultural impact and also leave a legacy. The projects we work on are carefully selected based on this core value.”

The Originals will operate under three pillars: The Agency, The Studio and The Society.

The Agency – Original experiences

Focused on producing interdisciplinary projects around art, culture and technology, the agency will aim to offer original experiences. The projects currently under development include large-scale multi-media cultural shows, artistic digital installations, immersive experiences and events.

The Studio – Original content

The studio works in collaboration with aartists, producers and studios to produce animation, films, special effects and music for their projects. It also offers talk shows, podcast series and music production. The studio’s facilities include the first Dolby Atmos studio to open in the UAE, a podcast studio, a music recording studio, a video recording studio and a graphic studio.

The Society – Social space and community events

The Society is a social space and community that brings together the members of the creative economy to connect and co-create through regular events that include intimate talks, masterclasses, social events and music showcases.