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KFC‘s take on voice notes that go on forever

KFC Egypt brings its own take on the long stretch of its latest Mozzarella burger, by comparing it to another unwanted kind of stretch, the dreaded lengthy voice note.

Created by TBWA\RAAD, the campaign film was created to announce the arrival of the new burger into the market.

The film showcases a man who takes a bite of his Mozzarella burger and while it comes with a long stringy cheese, the man also begins to listen to a really long voice note.

As the voice on the voice note drones on, the man in question visits several locations and is a part of several situations. These situations include a music practice, camping and even being locked away in the boot of a car.

However, neither does the voice note end nor does the Mozzarella string break.

The advertisement then urges the viewer to not stretch the voice note and stretch KFC’s new Mozzarella burger instead.

The advertisement aims to target the hilarity in the situation and says: Say goodbye to irritatingly long voice notes and say hello to stretching and rejoicing with the all-new Mozzarella Burger.

KFC and TBWA\RAAD have collaborated in the past to create award-winning campaigns. The brand picked up a Cannes Lions Silver for its campaign, ChickenStock. ChickenStock was also a playful campaign, which intended to counteract the incorrect use of KFC brand assets with the launch of KFC Chicken Stock, an image database of high-resolution images, available to anyone and completely free to use.