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How Panadol Migraine connected with consumers in Ramadan 2020 to drive awareness and increase consideration with DMS video

DMS unveils results for Panadol Migraine and how it connected with consumers in Ramadan 2020 to drive awareness and increase consideration with DMS video.

The Objective

Panadol wanted to increase brand awareness and drive consideration with the right target audience for Panadol Migraine. The campaign was driven by the insight that migraines are a common concern during Ramadan, due to dehydration, low blood sugar levels, caffeine withdrawal, a shift in the sleep cycle, and sleep deprivation.

The Solution

Panadol and Digital Media Services (DMS) collectively identified 3 audiences that would fit the brand profile. Utilizing the reach of DMS video, and leveraging the multiple premium publishers under its umbrella, it scaled the audiences and had different conversations with each. By retargeting the highest engagers with the right creative message, DMS delivered on the KPIs and objectives of our partner. 

The Results

  • Completion Rate – 77 per cent
  • CTR – 0.53 per cent
  • 25 per cent increase in brand awareness
  • 34 per cent increase in ad recall
  • 14 per cent Increase in consideration

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Areej Yacoub, Panadol brand manager, GSK said: ”51 per cent of patients suffer regularly from migraine pain and the pain lasts for 3-6 hours. Unlike other headaches, migraines significantly inhibit ability to perform day to day tasks & productivity’. We at GSK consumer health are extremely proud of the launch of Panadol Migraine – the first OTC medication of its kind for migraine sufferers in the Gulf and Near East region, that offers rapid relief from migraine pain.”


Alina Sukhar, media manager, Publicis Media said: ”We built our campaign around consumer insight that migraines are one of the top concerns while fasting during Ramadan. By leveraging the reach of DMS video solution, we were able to drive awareness and consideration for Panadol Migraine through customized targeted audiences and by delivering the product’s message in native and relevant way.”


Christapor Ohanessian, senior industry manager, DMS said: ”GSK’s commitment to innovation has made them a pharma brand which is always willing to try out new products and solutions to reach the next level. Together with the full trust and support of Digitas, clients like GSK are witnessing the potential of DMS Video when it comes to delivering on their business objectives and increasing their investments with always-on communication strategies.”