Campaign to host Online Briefing: Cross-platform content – how to do it right

Campaign’s next online webinar covers how to place content across different platforms for best outcomes. The webinar takes into consideration audience behaviour to design a cross-platform strategy with accurate content to make the most of the media channels available.

The speakers will share their tips on how advertisers can capitalise on cross-platform content, from a client and agency point of view.

The panel of experts will ask how consumers differ across platforms. How do their demographics, their consumption habits, their intentions and their states of mind change as they move between platforms?
And what does this mean for marketing? Where do long ads work better than a short one? Where do brand-building ads work better than performance tactics? How do you make sure your brand’s presence across platforms is consistent, yet plays to the strengths of each media channel?

2:00 – 2:45 pm – Panel 1: Across the board: The right content on the right platform

In the first panel, experts discuss how top programming – from sports coverage to reality shows – lives across multiple platforms. Our panel looks at how consumers’ habits and expectations change according to where they are, how content providers adapt their offerings accordingly, and how marketers can make the most of the many options available to them.

Moderator: Austyn Allison | Editor, Campaign Middle East
Richard Addington |  MBC Media Solutions
Maya Bou Ajram |  Deputy GM, UM UAE
Toby Jezard | Senior Offline Marketing Manager, Delivery Hero

2:45 – 3:30 pm – Panel 2: Doing it right – cross-platform best practice

In our second panel, a popular advertising professor presents a case study of cross-platform marketing – and subjects it to critique by agencies and a client. What do they think worked? What do they disagree with? How would they do it different, and what examples do they have of times they got it spot on? Join us for a lesson in constructive criticism and how to look at work from all angles to make it as good as it can be. (And keep your fingers crossed it’s not your campaign being put under the microscope.)

Moderator: Dina Faour | Professor of Advertising (Creative), American University in Dubai
Paul Banham | Mullen Lowe MENA, Regional Executive Creative Director,  MENA
Fahad Osman |  Regional Director – Global Business Marketing – METAP at TikTok, Bytedance
Aimee Peters | Group Head, Marketing & Communications, Mashreq Bank

The virtual event is free to attend and can be viewed from any screen.

Register here.