Brand survival after Covid-19, by Ad-Lib Digital’s Janira Hernandez

Partner Content by Janira Hernandez, Head of Client Services, MEA - Ad-Lib Digital: Leveraging AI to cut costs and maximise creative efficiencies.

While the first wave of pandemic panic may be behind us, most brands are struggling to return to the advertising budgets they had before Covid-19 hit. Naturally, brands have taken a more cautious look at where media and creative dollars are being spent and if they are really necessary.

So how can a brand bounce back to an always-on approach, effectively targeting consumers while maintaining a healthy spend? The answer is artificial intelligence (AI). With the help of AI tech platforms, such as Ad-Lib, brands are able to maximise creative efficiencies and scale cross-market/cross-channel while cutting costs across the board.

Ad-Lib is an end-to-end creative management platform that streamlines workflow, automates production and provides insights into the best performing creatives. It also focuses on dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) strategies and is the only Google & Facebook certified partner in the region that has worked with a robust portfolio of global and local brands across various industries. Seamlessly integrating into an advertiser’s already existing ecosystem, Ad-lib works collaboratively with your agencies and brand team.

There are four main components to the technology proudly represented as PROS: Production, Relevance, Optimisation and Support.

Production: The technology is built to support brands’ end-to-end process and deliver more effective creative, and has been shown to reduce costs up to 60 per cent compared with traditional creative production.

Relevance: Enables brands to personalise their creative at scale. Directly integrated with Facebook, YouTube, Google Campaign Manager, DV360 and Studio, offering the only zero-data-leakage dynamic creative solution.

Utilising brands’ first- and third-party audience data, as well as data triggers available in your demand-side platform (DSP), Ad-Lib enables creative relevance through dynamic templates, all without fingerprinting or placing cookies.

Optimisation: Through the reporting dashboard, advertisers have access to creative testing and insights generated through machine learning algorithms that also tag and score images and video. On average brands have seen a 77 per cent uplift in performance.

Support: A global team of experts are ready to support your campaign strategies, whether you choose a self-service option or a white-gloved, managed service.

Brands deploying tons of data management platform (DMP) segments and buying strategies while still using the same creative messaging are more likely to achieve less desirable campaign results. AI-assisted technology such as Ad-Lib’s ensures data and creative are used in tandem in order to maximise a brand’s creative efficiencies and tailor messaging to specific audience segments. When creative is aligned and dynamic is deployed across video, social and display, there tends to be an increase in engagement, performance and ad recall.

“Education is the requirement for industry skillsets to broaden. To unlock creative opportunity, advertisers need a partner or employees who have an understanding of creative, media, data and ad serving”, says Ad-Lib’s founder and president Oli Marlow-Thomas.

In a time when working from home has become the new norm, we have all witnessed how digital consumption has peaked and created an opportunity for brands to significantly increase exposure. According to Kearney Middle East, consumers in Saudi Arabia have been spending 95 per cent more time online, while those in the UAE have been spending 79 per cent more time due to the pandemic. Brands need to stay relevant and active in order to remain top of mind. So why would you shy away from targeting these consumers with personalised messaging when there are in-market solutions available to help you achieve your goals?

As businesses continue to prepare for 2021, pressure and constraints to justify marketing and agency costs will play a key role in decision-making and budgets.

Working with DCO partners who leverage AI tools will allow advertisers not only to minimise spend but also to maximise ROI and continuously enhance realtime performance.

To find out more about Ad-Lib reach out to [email protected] or visit the website at ad-lib.io for more details.