BIGO Ads enables companies to thrive on Likee within the MENA region

BIGO Ads, an emergent international marketing platform empowered by BIGO, continues to gain more attention in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. As a premium traffic aggregator of the short video creation app Likee, BIGO Ads has offered professional video marketing solutions centered on Likee’s flourishing content community and has already established a significant impact.

The success that Likee has achieved over the past year within the MENA region has been quite exceptional. It inspires local creators to unleash their talent by creating diversified video content filled with creativity enabling them to build communities that facilitates meaningful connections and engagements amongst one another. This is why Likee has cemented its position as being one of the Top 10 most downloaded social applications in the UAE and Saudi Arabia during 2021 – according to App Annie.

While keeping the upbeat momentum, Likee provides a significant opportunity for marketers across the MENA region. Through Likee’s ascending user traffic and entertaining interactive experience, more brands continue to open their mind to deeply engage users through Likee’s unique branding campaigns serviced by the BIGO Ads team. In fact, in 2021, PUBG Mobile already achieved unparalleled success multiple times with Likee.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most successful collaborative partnerships with BIGO Ads in 2021. This highly popular mobile game launched three hashtag challenge campaigns in Likee that included: a Halloween Campaign; a Reunion of Classic Modes Campaign; and its PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Campaign.

PUBG Mobile’s campaigns were the top-performing campaigns in the MENA region, these three campaigns delivered over 276 million total impressions and 250 thousand video posts.

The BIGO Ads team oversaw the execution of all three campaigns. In fact, the #PUBGM_HALLOWEEN hashtag challenge was purposefully conceptualized to excite and captivate users with its distinct insight on Halloween and funny interaction experience.

During Halloween 2021, BIGO Ads designed the campaign mechanism to achieve a great balance between the Halloween atmosphere and PUBG Mobile gaming elements. The campaign combined classic festive elements like pumpkins, wizard hats, and zombies, attracting a significant volume of users to use the branded sticker for video creation. This creativity fit in perfectly with the young generation in the MENA region as it embraced entertainment and interactivity.

The campaign was a resounding success and exceeded most benchmarks of Likee in the MENA region. It boosted the recognition of PUBG Mobile at a large scope and helped to get in touch with younger audiences to acquire more new players.

“We are extremely proud of our collaboration with PUBG Mobile and be glad to achieve unprecedented levels of success on Likee,” said Francis Tu, Director for BIGO Ads. “We reviewed the unique gamifying features of PUBG Mobile to brainstorm the key ideas after which the BIGO Ads team set up a series of marketing solutions to spark an impact for PUBG Mobile and engage more young netizens. The PUBG Mobile cooperation has definitely given us a chance to showcase our professionality and passion to the brands in MENA.”

BIGO Ads sincerely expects to continuously bring the best cooperation experience to its clients which in turn will effectively benefit the brand at every stage of the funnel, from awareness to favorability and sales.

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