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A Ramadan Tale: Infiniti celebrates human values with a Ramadan video

INFINITI Middle East is marking the Holy Month of Ramadan with a short video release highlighting the importance of reconnecting with loved ones.

As restrictions continue to ease across the region, families are once again able to reunite and celebrate treasured moments. This Ramadan tale captures that sense of longing and reunion as it follows an elderly gentleman who drives to a village, eagerly searching for something that appears to have been buried some time ago. As he visits every day, his search sparks the curiosity of the children in town who join the quest.

One evening, the elderly man’s concerned daughter along with his granddaughters approach the village in search of him, as he finally pulls out a buried box. Within lies a cherished keepsake that he hands to his granddaughter, symbolising a generational bond, families coming together and a bridging of divide that so many have felt over the past couple of years. The tale concludes as residents of the village joyfully commemorate the moment, evoking a sense of purposefulness and community.

Commenting on the video, Nadim Ghrayeb, general manager – marketing, PR and CX, INFINITI International Markets, said, “After marking two years of Ramadan where we may not have been as connected to our loved ones, we at INFINITI wanted to celebrate a return to togetherness. Connecting on a human level, telling stories that relate to the journey of our customers, is integral to INFINITI’s brand values. Our Ramadan story was designed to highlight how each journey is meaningful, and we hope it brings to life the values of unity, generosity and appreciation during the Holy Month.”


Production House: Déjà vu

Creative Agency Name: Digitas

Director Name: Samir Mallal