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Be Loud, Proud, Messy and Go All In with Hardee’s brand re-launch

Hardee’s runs a full brand re-launch with its “Go All In” campaign across the GCC, Jordan and Egypt.

On 25th December 2020 Hardee’s conducted a full brand re-launch with its “Go All In” campaign across the GCC, Jordan and Egypt. Hardee’s serves guests with premium quality burgers and encourages them to “Go All In” and give in to their food desires without worrying about what other people think. The campaign encourages a lifestyle and attitude to inspire people to stay true to themselves, live in the moment, and be unapologetic, bold and free; be it whilst devouring a juicy Hardee’s burger or doing anything else they like.

The quick-service restaurant giant has introduced the new Star Angus Thickburger® which uses a premium quality 100% Angus beef patty making it fresher and juicier. Alongside this,  notable changes include the new premium brioche-style bun, creamier sauces, fresh veggies and crispier fries. Additionally, Hardee’s is offering customers a convenient and speedy delivery experience through app-based offerings and exclusive deals.

Known for its premium quality Angus beef, 100% whole muscle chicken, hand-scooped ice-cream shakes made with 100% real ice-cream, Hardee’s has been serving chargrilled to perfection beef burgers and real chicken sandwiches across the region since its inception almost 40 years ago. Proudly serving their signature burgers and sandwiches including Super Star, Mushroom N’ Swiss, Big Deluxe, Santa Fe Chicken, Chicken Fillet, and iconic crispy Curly Fries, the restaurant chain has now grown to more than 400 restaurants across the region.

Through “Go All In” Hardee’s has seen a 180° transformation of product, packaging, uniform, technology-enabled interventions and speed of service. With product innovation and upgrades to ensure a richer and a better tasting burger, customers can now indulge and enjoy each moment whether they dine-in or opt for home delivery or takeaway.

The brand has also amplified its digital consumer experience by offering its best-in-class beef burgers and chicken sandwiches through enhanced Apps and an innovative drive-thru experience. Among the experiential advances offered through technology include the new SuperApp, contactless drive-thru, digital menu boards,  fast delivery  (under 30 minutes), contactless scan and go ordering, giving customers a superior experience through the all-new Hardee’s.­ Adapting to the ever-changing customer behaviour, Hardee’s recently opened a new futuristic restaurant with contactless carhop and drive-thru experiences and an outdoor sitting area in Dubai’s Nshama Town Square.