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Liwa Content.Driven publishes eBook ‘The marketer’s guide to video marketing in 2021’

Ever wondered how many videos you watch in a day? You may not be able to answer accurately, but there are numbers that capture the ascent of video. Like it or not, video is here to stay as the permanent fixture in today’s communication mix. So what’s the scene on video like in 2021? Who’s hot, who’s not in social? And in which direction is it trending? For these and other nuggets, just turn to Liwa eBook 2021 Videopedia. Liwa Content.Driven, the digital video marketing agency based in Dubai has brought out this comprehensive guide on everything video. And it’s packed with facts, figures, tips, tricks and just trivia on how the moving image is making inroads into marketing plans – and our lives. Just click below to get your own copy.