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BAB Middle East embraces AI and launches UAE’s first “copy shop” app

Artificial Intelligence, a.k.a. AI, took the world by storm.

People from every walk of life suddenly had something to say.

AI is surely not the first technology that made its way into the world of content and translation; its mama, machine translation, is still employed till this day in the industry.

However, in the dynamic landscape of modern business, AI is much more promising as it has the ability to learn and improve, and BAB Middle East decided to take the lead.

When crafting content, AI’s brilliance surfaces when it collaborates with our innate human creativity. To resonate, content needs an authentic human touch.

While AI offers the polished suggestions, it’s the human finesse that transforms it into compelling, tailor-made material. In the world of content, even the most advanced algorithms can’t replace the authenticity of the human eye.

Proofing, refining, and adding that personalised twist by BAB Middle East’s experts, ensure that the content mirrors the tone of voice of clients’ brands and meets the audience’s expectations.

The true art lies in harmonising AI’s capabilities with the depth of human insights, and BAB Middle East mastered this art in the most convenient way.

“We started with a basic question: Why send an email when you can use a mobile app and get what you want in a few clicks?

“Then we followed it with another one: Why don’t we use and abuse AI to school it and transform it from a curse into a blessing?” said Omaima Saad, Managing Partner.

“We couldn’t stay silent or keep swimming against the current. We had to take AI seriously.

“We launched BAB Middle East Mobile App to provide AI powered translations, copywriting solutions, interpretation services and proofreading tasks, perfected by humans.

“We chose to take the fast lane, to save time and money without compromising on the quality. Our app is more than a tool; it’s a copyshop for creative and cost-effective copies.

“Picture AI as a fledgling learner under our guidance. By embracing it as a collaborator, BAB Middle East will continue to streamline processes, elevate content, and ensure that the true driving force – human expertise – remains at the helm of success,” she added.

Experience the power of AI-driven translations and captivating copywriting, meticulously fine-tuned by human-certified experts.

Try it yourself here. Or scan the QR code below.