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Aramex upgrades its website with female Arabic language

Aramex adds a female Arabic language feature to its websites.

Aramex, a global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, announced the official launch of its female Arabic language option for its corporate website, its latest language addition. The female Arabic language feature will directly address female visitors, in a step that hasn’t been implemented before for Arabic corporate websites.

The launch of the additional language feature comes after Aramex pledged to add female-focused language for Arabic on its website on International Women’s Day, 2021, through its social media channels with the hashtags #ChoosetoChallenge and #AddressHerCorrectly.

Mike Rich, global marketing director at Aramex said: “Aramex’s values are centred on diversity and equality, and this new language feature is a perfect example of that. The new language option offers a new way for female customers to experience all of Aramex’s services across its website. We are very proud to lead the way towards having a more dedicated and customized communication feature for our female website visitors.”

Shahir Sirry, global creative director said: “For International Women’s Day Aramex pledged to offer a female Arabic language feature for its website. Our goal was to make women feel included by being addressed correctly. Now the feature is live, we know Aramex is leading the way on this dynamic feature.  We didn’t want to push out a post on social media that just showed solidarity without having an actual impact. We wanted to challenge something that we could really change.

If you’re an Arabic speaker you will know that in the Arabic language when you don’t know who your audience is, you address them as men. That’s something that bugged me and I’m sure all Arabic women too.

The Digital Transformation Team worked tirelessly for 4 days straight to provide us with a proof of concept. Just in time, on International Women’s Day, we were able to pledge the new language feature. Then within a few weeks of implementation and testing from the Digital and Marketing Teams, we were able to go live in under a month.

Now, our biggest wish is that the other big players in the region follow suit and #AddressHerCorrectly.”

Benefits of the Female Arabic feature include:

  • Aramex will connect to its female customers on a whole new level.
  • Women will feel more included when using Aramex services.
  • Aramex will permanently offer this feature on its website.

In Arabic grammar rules, when speakers don’t know whom they are addressing, they mostly use a male-gendered form of the word, the main reason why Arabic websites choose to use male-directed Arabic language. For the first time ever, Aramex is giving women the option to experience website content that’s made only for them in Arabic.

The Arabic female language feature was made available starting 31 March 2021 across the Aramex website.


Global Marketing Director: Mike Rich

Global Creative Director: Shahir Sirry

Corporate Senior Marketing Manager: Samar Said

Corporate Marketing Executive: Haya Talamas

Digital Transformation Senior Manager: Iyad Tabello

Digital Transformation Lead: Mohsin Ahmed

Corporate Senior IT Experience Design Lead: Malek Hijazi

Corporate Technical Manager: Rawan AlZalam

Corporate Senior Software Engineer: Hiba Banat

Corporate IT Executive: Radan Akhoirshiedah